January 19, 2018

Meet Elvi’s big brother

After the huge success of the at-home electric car charger Elvi, EVBox decided to further expand their portfolio together with VanBerlo. Part of that expansion has resulted in a completely new level 2 charger, which has been presented at CES, Las Vegas; the biggest consumer electronics fair in the world.

We were tasked with creating a full-size US business charger with fixed cables. Modular and in line with EVBox's standing design DNA. Our challenge was to make this new level 2 charger much better and more appealing than the big competitors in the US.

Design research
Before the designs could be rendered, EVBox asked VanBerlo to help with gaining insights in this new market. There was only one way to go about this: step into an airplane and talk with the right stakeholders on location. Which is what we did! After taking these steps, the results and starting points were clear, and we could start designing the newest EVBox family member.

Technical challenges
Fixed cables are always tricky to store and manage. In our field research we saw a lot of problems and messy situations. Our goal was to tackle this mess and create a Cable Management System that could store a long piece of cable inside the charger. We came up with a lot of concepts for this solution; we brainstormed, prototyped, tried it out, made improvements and chose the best concepts. That's how we worked out the kinks to get the best possible solution.

EVBox is creating a family of recognisable products. With Elvi, VanBerlo laid a solid foundation that included a strong design DNA. An element that fits this new level 2 electric car charger like a glove. Refined details, recognisable and iconic elements and a simple base shape. Clearly an EVBox family member!

Read what the new EV Charger is all about here.

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