April 11, 2018

​Redesign of care processes: from discussion to action!

The world is changing, and many organisations are facing challenges that have an open, dynamic, networked and complex character. Both in the profit and non-profit sector. Issues such as new motorway construction, entertainment area safety or young talent recruitment within the technology sector. Solutions are quickly sought after in technological innovations. Still, the combination of advanced technology, a smart business model and a people-oriented approach remains the key to success.

Because an organisation can only be prepared for tomorrow if they combine these elements and change their vision and working methods. This clarifies that Design Thinking is seen as an increasingly valuable tool for change and innovation. A method that extends a holistic approach that offers both a different viewpoint and action perspective on today's tough issues.

The renowned business school TIAS and design and innovation agency VanBerlo have begun a strategic collaboration in January 2018. The partners found each other in a mutual quest for a common goal; namely, solutions to complex issues. Where TIAS excels in business modelling and VanBerlo is an expert in Design Thinking, a means was uncovered to put these models into practice.

What does this collaboration bring? Stakeholders in healthcare could experience this for themselves on Thursday, 5 April 2018. It was then that CZ (innovation agency CbusineZ), VanBerlo and TIAS School for Business and Society organised the inspiration session 'Redesign of care processes: from discussion to action' at the VanBerlo Innovation Powerhouse. A fitting location full of creative energy that is entirely focused on bringing together people from all kinds of disciplines.

Menno Jansen, programme manager E-health van CZ: 'It was a great event. Together with TIAS and VanBerlo, CZ aims to set things in motion. The big challenge of e-health in the care industry is not the technology itself, but the way in which we can create value for all involved stakeholders. That means not only a redesign of care processes, but also organisations that are prepared to make the changes and work together – often with new partners across traditional supply chains. I can see that a growing number of board members are becoming aware of this. Many people present have indicated that they want to contribute to the practical cases and in which way. We will work out the insights that have been collected and apply them to the practical cases.'

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