April 19, 2018

VanBerlo wows crowd at the VG Hackathon 2018

​Last week VanBerlo hosted a four-day hackathon for Philadelphia Zorg at our headquarters in Eindhoven. The project was part of the VG Hackathon; a national competition with 30 participating organisations that strive to improve the life of people with a mild intellectual disability.

Together with Philadelphia's multi-disciplinary team and VanBerlo's creative experts, we put together an awesome digital platform to help people with a mild intellectual disability to organise their financial affairs and feel more in control of their daily shopping etc.

Day 1

The hackathon was kicked-off with a briefing from the board of Philadelphia: “How can we use technology to empower people with a mild intellectual disability to experience more control over their financial affairs?" After using the Context Design Radar and Empathy Mapping to scope the project, we set out to meet, observe and interview the target group.

Day 2

We used the Data Download tool to quickly cluster all the themes, quotes and insights from our visits into the most promising leads. It soon became clear that there were four main issues that we wanted to address: 1) Shame: “I feel ashamed when I don't have enough money to pay my groceries…"; 2) Anger: “My financial coach is a criminal!"; 3) Abstraction: “Money is not important. I just take it out of the cashpoint…"; and 4) Trust: “I just say that I need a new sofa when I want to buy expensive clothes." Next, inspired by an Innovation in Healthcare presentation by one of our VanBerlo experts, we translated those main issues into five quick and dirty concepts.

Day 3

On the third day we sketched, Legoed and Photoshoped to create prototypes of our concepts that we could show to a panel of stakeholders. Among those stakeholders, our friends from Plu-S (who we helped with a charity project some time ago). The feedback was very positive and led to the combination of the best features into one best-of concept called 'Kandit'.

Day 4

On the last day of our hackathon we took the Kandit concept and worked intently to develop the user, technology and business sides into one winning design. Kandit features a tablet-based game that uses gamification to set the parameters for a personalised financial plan, in collaboration with the client's parents, coach and financial adviser. This challenges the client to take control and makes things like financial overviews much more intuitive. Next there is a smartphone app with a personal 'mini me' that offers hands-on help in shops. The user simply asks (speech controlled or manually) “Kan dit?" when they want to buy a product and it responds “Yes" or “No". This takes away the feeling of shame and insecurity often experienced by Philadelphia's clients. Also, the 'avatar' makes the advice less personal, minimising feelings of anger towards the financial coach. Still, there is the option to 'hack' the advice with the 'pirate button', leaving some wiggle room for guilty pleasures and therefore stimulating pro-active behaviour. Finally, the digital platform features a dream-based savings plan. This makes the value of money (or debt) very tangible and desirable for the target group.

Day 5

At the end of the week we were completely exhausted! But on the fifth and final day, last Friday, we received the audience award during the pitching ceremony of the VG Hackathon national competition. This is very cool because the audience that voted for us to win was made up of both healthcare professionals AND clients. All in all, we are very proud that we, as a co-creating team, where able to translate the insights gathered from clients into a clear concept with real added value for those involved.

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