June 29, 2018

Make your home work for you

Creativity and innovation came together in our studio at the Innovation Powerhouse at the ThingsCon Salon event. We invited a mix of guests, from Design Academy students to young professionals with varying backgrounds. We provided our guests with a mixed programme of lectures and workshops to spur a creative and innovative environment.

How do sensors factor into our future surroundings? While we are shifting ever more towards connectedness as a default, Things are becoming more endowed with intelligence. How do we safeguard that these things will still be of service to us? These questions served as an overarching theme in our the workshops.

The workshops yielded numerous creative outcomes. Take a look at some of the results from the first workshop. Here, we conceptualised kitchen appliances that help to improve the daily routine.

We kicked things up a notch with a second workshop, where participants were asked to come up with smart home technologies that can serve a bigger purpose. The results for this round overflowed with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. For example, a flashlight that differentiates data sharing, and a shower camera that shares footage amongst strangers to boost self-confidence.

At VanBerlo we aim to inspire each other as well as our clients, and we thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and effort put forth by our guests during the ThingsCon Salon.

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