July 04, 2018

Designing for the Time-factor

In every project we do at VanBerlo there is a unique challenge in the combination of brand, context, user(s), product (whether physical, digital or both) and time. Together with our clients we use smart tools to analyse the brand and the given situation. Combined with deep insights into the needs of the target group we can then find opportunities for improving the businesses of our clients. But it is often the time factor that makes things complicated.

Before, during, and after

Basically, adding a time component to your project's perspective creates a Before, a During and an After. Someone can pass through the same Royal Boon Edam door entering the airport and drop off their luggage at the same Sita Drop&Fly as they did before, yet experience it differently, due to a mere difference in the way time is experienced. That's why we approach our Transit Design projects as a complex eco-system, anticipating for all possible events and all possible stakeholders, rather than trying to force fit every situation into one single design.

Dealing with obstacles

When working on projects for clients in the business of 'Crowd Management' the situation During use especially is traditionally considered the most critical. For example, travelling from A to B, certain obstacles might pose a challenge to you to successfully reaching your destination. To better understand any transit situation, it is important to know that there are 3 types of obstacles, or boundaries, you might encounter*:

1. Physical boundaries like gates, buildings and other infrastructure

2. Social boundaries like culture and group pressure

3. Psychological boundaries like mental challenges and emotions

Yet sometimes a simple rearrangement of the Before flow or a smart learning tool based on data from the After can ease transit and dissolve a few hurdles. We can use valuable data from the whole process to constantly update and improve the system flow and the transit experience.

The expertise and experience of our multi-disciplinary team grows with every project we do, building a culture of innovation. We implement smart tools such as Design DNAs, Experience Journeys and Scenario Planning to analyse a problem and find the right solution. Do you have a complex Transit Design problem that you would like to pitch to our design team? Like how to influence crowd control based on data or how to improve flow by designing a better user experience of a physical or digital product? Let us know and we will gladly take on the challenge.

* Source Designing Digital Behavior by Anette Hedegaard

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