July 05, 2018

Meet the Future

To stay at the top of innovation, we like to take on a futuristic worldview. What better way to do this than to sympathise with the next generation? Recently, we soaked up some of those future vibes at two widely spread locations: The 2050 Tech Convention in Hangzhou China, and the Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven. All the way from China back to Eindhoven; read on to see how we gathered new insights in our mission to tune in with the future.

Yunqi 2050

By the end of May, the 2050 Tech Convention in Hangzhou, China, attracted thousands of Chinese teenagers. Their mission: to find out how to tackle future problems with technological innovation. Our strategist Donald Merks was there to talk about how to build relationships between humans and products & services.

While many of us still think of China to be a developing country, we reckon a revision of this attitude is long due. At 2050 Donald strut upon rather advanced technology, and it's only a matter of time until they will thrive as a new leader in innovation. So, we are stepping up our game and joining forces with the most leading Chinese companies to develop user-centered products & services. Let's stretch our sight into this new terrain for inspiration.

VanBerlo at Night of The Nerds

Meanwhile, our Senior Engineer Ronald te Vruchte, led our team at Dutch Technology Week: Night of the Nerds, to spark an interest in technology with the youth. From all over the Netherlands schools organised tours to come and see what the smartest region of the Netherlands had to present to present to them. What we liked in that, was that the schools and students (over 4.000 of them) were of all levels. Hopefully we were able to trigger a creative designer in all of them.

Photo is owned by Night of The Nerds

We showcased one of our old time favourite cases: ResQtec. These rescue tools are specially designed to beat the design challenge of being mobile and robust at the same time and powerful enough to cut through any material. The teens' admiration for the technological aptitude of our design demonstrated their earnest interest, and triggered fantasy.

Our demonstration of the Hey Bracelet on the other hand, particularly bore inspiration to us. Whereas this system is originally designed for lovers to transmit a personal touch across distance, the teenagers reckoned its potential to socialise with school friends. This gave us surprising insights on both an expansion of purpose as well as target audience, which we gladly shared with our client afterwards.

Soon, some clever students then came up with ways to use the bracelet for cheating on tests. This shows exactly the kind of inventing, life-hacking spirit we were looking for.

Whether we are close to home in Eindhoven or travel all the way to Hangzhou China, we always find ways to engage ourselves with the future, in this case meet our future counterparts. This keeps a fresh perspective and allows us to continuously learn and improve ourselves.

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