October 11, 2018

VanBerlo teams up with TIAS

There is a huge buzz around Design Thinking. This method is used to safeguard innovation in problem solving. The way it works is that it centers on stakeholders and all of their drives and needs. Bringing all of this together to construct a framework for problem solving, brings innovators to a sound solution.

This Fall, TIAS School for Business and Society and VanBerlo provide a Design Thinking course to teach you all about this method. Based upon our many years of experience with this method, we will discuss real life cases to show you how we apply Design Thinking in our practice. We even developed a model that gives you the practical tools you need to apply Design Thinking in your organisation.

It is this model specifically that sets out the VanBerlo method from the rest. This is a tried-and-true method that endured many different clients and their problems, and has been brought to perfection through experience over the years. Now that the model has matured, the time has come to pass it on.

One such client which whom we worked in the Design Thinking way, was The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. Their problem encompassed a special Social Design case. Read more about it in the article we wrote about it on our website, or check out the video.

The course will deal with similar real-life problems, to give you practical examples to learn from.

Do you want to know more about Design Thinking? Our Senior Strategist Maayke de Brouwer, wrote a couple of articles(1,2) for Frankwatching (in Dutch) for you to get a gist of what we do in such a process. Read the articles and register for the course, 'cause Maayke will teach there too!

Besides Maayke, our Innovation & Strategy Director Boudewijn Soetens and Senior Strategist Ivo Lamers will be your teachers. Together with the well renown TIAS School for Business and Society we will get you fully equipped and ready to go on your own path in Design Thinking. Register now to join the course!

Course dates

February 6th, 2019
February 20th, 2019
March 13th, 2019

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