October 19, 2018

DutchDesignWeek at VanBerlo

For many years DutchDesignWeek is an Eindhoven staple. This week in October the city of design shows what she's got and designers open their doors to the public to showcase their work. As VanBerlo we are happy to participate in such an inspiring event, and as of last year we host our very own exhibition. In collaboration with our partners of The Embassy of Health we fill up the Innovation Powerhouse with the 'chronic health' expo. We'll also present our projects Trash2Cash and The Smart Water Meter at The Embassy of Circularity at Klokgebouw, and join in the smart home exhibition of VPRO Medialab and Van Abbehuis.

The Embassy of Health - Innovation Powerhouse

The exposition 'Chronic Health: If not us, then who?' will show how a collective approach is crucial to designing healthcare. We will show how health care products or services do not stand alone but interact with each other within a complex environment of care. It's design requires an empathic attitude to not design just for each other but rather with each other.

VanBerlo brought three projects to the table to represent our view on the future of healthcare.

TU Delft - Alarm Fatigue
All those beeps, bleeps and other alarm sounds in the intensive care unit are of vital importance. But the sheer quantity of them causes stress – not only among doctors and nurses, but also among patients and their family. That's why they are sometimes switched off. Moreover, the cacophony of sounds leads to alarm fatigue, in which case important signals are missed. In the Critical Alarms Lab at TU Delft, an international team of students and researchers are working with care professionals and manufacturers to find solutions. The goal is to create a calmer atmosphere in the intensive care unit, allowing medical staff to work properly and patients to recuperate well.

ENRICHERS - Smart Furniture Sensor

Sitting for more than three hours a day harms the health. Yet many of us do just that, mostly staring at a computer screen while forgetting to move. The 'Smart Furniture Sensor' by Enrichers restores the body's active role in our digital existence. This invention links your seat to your body and your computer. The sensor can register your heartbeat, provide 'bio-feedback', and advise you when to exercise. But it also allows you to use apps, simply by changing posture. A smaller version can be incorporated into office chairs and wheelchairs, and companies can develop new applications for it. And thus your chair can become an interface for gaming, working and keeping fit.

Isabelle Lugert - Cycle through life

Cycling is healthy, and often faster than travelling by car. But if you've difficulty keeping your balance and are afraid of falling, you have to rely on other modes of transport. 'Cycle through life' offers a practical solution that does not stigmatize. This trendy transport three-wheeler looks nothing like an adapted bike, but is instead very practical and safe to use for everybody. Falling over is impossible, and the extra low step and compact basket are designed for those who are shaky on their feet. Cargo bikes are not just for young parents. From now on, they're perfect for people of all ages!

Embassy of Circularity - Klokgebouw

Trash-2-Cash is an EU funded research project aiming to create new regenerated fibres from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. It's also pioneering a whole new way of developing materials. Come to our showcase at The Embassy of Circularity in Klokgebouw and decide for yourselves whether we have been able to make trash in to cash!

Smart Water Meter - Klokgebouw

AquaDigital is an analog meter reader. A retrofit solution that can make any (water) meter smart within seconds. It can be installed by anyone; no professional is needed. It connects to Wi-Fi and has low power consumption. The meter data can be used both by the dashboard for the consumer as well as by the water company. AquaDigital takes a photo every 15 seconds. This is processed with AI to recognize the digits. The number is sent to the backend to be served to the consumer in an attractive user interface, being a lot more than just a digital dashboard. This whole ecosystem is designed, developed and built by VanBerlo's Green Team, a team dedicated to creating a more sustainable world.

See you at DutchDesignWeek

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