November 02, 2018

Ollie and Noud on DDW: a VanBerlo podcast

​VanBerlo releases a first podcast. Listen how our Creative Director Noud Claassen and Designer Ollie Hatton look back on their experiences of DutchDesignWeek 2018 and the week's highlights according to their belief. Join the discussion through our social media accounts and let us know what you want to hear from us next!

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Ollie: "If you came here and you were the executive of a company, would you know where to look at?"

Noud: “You can be inspired by something or some project or some service somebody shows you at that spot, and it's also the vibe which is in the city during the Dutch Design Week"

Ollie: “More and more the city is getting activated and Eindhoven is becoming a crazy place in the next 5-10 years"

Noud: “The experience walking around, hearing the stories from these different designers, it is really unique, that you go to one city and you can talk to all of these different designers"

Ollie: “You have the sustainability, the AI and a focus on materials, that's the biggest shift I saw at Dutch Design Week"

“There's one thing we have to tell everybody: don't go to Milan, just go to Eindhoven, you'll be much more inspired"

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