November 07, 2018

UK Packaging award for TS6 Trigger sprayer design

As one of the world leaders in Trigger sprayers ReckittBenckiser and their development partner Guala have always led the way with the technical and sustainable development of trigger sprayers.

The Tarantino design, for the new triggers sprayers of ReckittBenckiser and their supplier Guala dispensing now won in the category Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year!

What is so special about the Tarantino design is that it is the great sustainability improvement through a saving of 570 tons of plastic each year. The new Trigger sprayers also eliminate POM, a special kind of plastic that hampers the recycling stream, further improving recyclability and facilitating a circular product journey.

The technical improvements, with regard to previous designs, constitute of the consistent spray force and evenly spread spray pattern. The spray is more powerful and covers a wider area. Yet there is more! Thorough consumer tests for ergonomics have led to a more comfortable grip and intuitive ON/OFF communication on the nozzle. The latter also rules out leaks related to dribbling and fatiguing.

The new platform is based on “Real Pre-Compression" technology patented by the development partner Guala dispensing, worldwide leader in development of trigger sprayers and pump dispensers. The new platforms were launched gradually throughout 2018, spreading to be the globally dominant RB Trigger sprayer model, replacing the majority of existing Trigger sprayer platforms. This cuts down the amount of different designs for Trigger sprayers, in use for RB, from 22 to 3 further promoting harmonisation of their product line.

VanBerlo is happy to have worked on a project with such a large geographic scope which boosts the impact of the sustainability improvements. Hereby pushing our own boundaries and that of our clients. Being awarded with the UK Packaging Award for this design boosts our spirit even more!

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