November 19, 2018

World Toilet Day

Don't take your toilet for granted. Toileting may seem the most common and random act of your day, that you might not even consciously go about. But what if you can't? What if the convenience of a near, functioning toilet is taken away from you. Join us on a journey across less developed areas where toileting habits and toilets are influenced by culture, resources and hygiene factors.

For World Toilet Day, VanBerlo and Harpic dive deeper into the current status of toilet accessibility, worldwide. We underestimate the impact that proper sanitation has on our livelyhood. Imagine in countries where schools do not have proper toilets, girls quickly drop out once they reach puberty. Can we map out the environmental, social, cultural factors at hand that play a role in personal sanitation? Together with the factual status of sanitary outlay in these countries helps us pinpoint the crucial problem. To understand our users, we try stepping into their shoes. This gives an insight in our analysis of user needs, that always precedes the solutions we find. Gathering anecdotes amongst our own international employees about their most commemorating toilet stories, brings us the global perspective we need.

Preceding World Toilet Day we posted our most significant toilet stories with you on our IG channel and asked you to share yours. We bring you our most embarrassing, funny and sometimes serious personal toilet stories. Not only to give you an insight in our user research but also to create awareness for this serious, often overlooked issue.

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