January 18, 2019

See you in Davos!

​For a flying start of 2019, VanBerlo sides with World's top leaders at The World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, next week. We are very excited to get up close with influential change makers and share with them our perspective on the change that is upon us all.

Han Toebast will represent VanBerlo at the Loop Pavilion and give an insight in how we foster sustainability through innovation. Amongst other things, Han will touch upon how we connect the ten types of innovation model to circular design principles like Ellen McArthur's Butterfly Model. True sustainability cannot be achieved on your own, partnerships are key to make meaningful impact. We want to commit to circular design and are avidly recruiting partners such as yourselves!

In our way of work, we approach any project in collaboration with our client, and just like that we approach sustainability. With theoretical sustainability models in the back of our minds, we will take a look at your challenges and find ways in which these models apply to your business and how to take practical steps. We believe that the key to successful circular models is established early in the design and development process and will help you find ways to make this happen!

Han is keen to meet everyone in Davos and we encourage our audience to speak up and share their challenges with us. At VanBerlo we're all about staying curious and understanding things better, so we ask lots of questions. We hope you come bye and do the same.

Get in touch with Han to schedule something in if you want to make sure you meet him in his short time in Davos.

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