January 24, 2019

The World Economic Forum: our findings

Usually a quiet little mountain village, Davos turns into a networking Walhalla once a year to welcome the World Economic Forum. It would not come as a surprise to me if every limousine from Switzerland was sent out to drive around the world’s top across this town.

It was my first time to attend the World Economic Forum and hopefully not my last. As we posted on the VanBerlo website earlier, I went to Davos to give a talk about innovation and the VB approach to innovation for sustainability in particular. This talk was part of the loop pavilion hosted by Terracycle. I would like to thank the people of Terracycle for inviting VanBerlo to Davos and into their pavilion. It was a great pleasure to see how they are building their platform with all these well-known brands, bringing sustainable consumer goods to the market and educating consumers on the possibilities. It was wonderful to talk to the people coming into their Loop-venue and to share my thoughts on how our innovation approaches enable sustainability strategies.

During my busy schedule I was able to also visit a panel discussion in the SDG tent on the Promenade. It was a really motivating conversation between Paul Polman (Unilever), the famous Dr. Jane Goodall (primatologist), Suzanne di Bianca (Salesforce) and Dan Springer (Responsys). It was great to hear from them what their companies are doing on sustainable business and saving the planet. Dr. Goodall is a true inspiration showing how it's possible to make a change when you really want to. With the most important advice she gave that afternoon being “Just start and make sure to balance between technology, people and potential"

Throughout everything that I encountered in the buzz of Davos those couple of days, it has been made very clear to me once again that in order to create a sustainable future, innovation is key. We need to keep pushing people and technology to make a difference. I heard a lot of analogies with our approaches for innovation in others' talks and left with fresh food for thought to share with my colleagues back home.

Glad to see that people from all over the world come together to talk about business, politics, nature and how to balance people, planet and profit. Lots of well-known brands were there to get inspired by the network the World Economic Forum attracted. I had the privilege to talk to some executives of big FMCG brands and was happy to hear about their plans to care for nature while growing their business and how innovation plays an important role in this.

In case you want to know a bit more about my findings or want to discuss further about innovation and sustainability, don't hesitate to contact me at h.toebast@vanberlo.nl.

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photocredits: WEF flickr page

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