March 01, 2019

Support the Kickstarter campaign for TIMIO

TIMIO, a patented educational audio and music player for kids created with both parents and children in mind, is a screen-free educational toy that grows with kids from infancy into grade school. Developing vocabularies and imaginations in are era of screen dependence, digital overstimulation and low-quality plastic toys.

TIMIO uses magnetic discs to unlock a library of curated educational and engaging content on various subjects for multiple ages, in five different languages. The alphabet, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, numbers, lullabies, fruits, animals, colours and time are just a few of the disc categories.

Together with VanBerlo's Rens Hoeke, Eric Biermann and Remko Verhaagen, and Peter Gal (the original designer of TIMIO), the design has been made smart and fun. It combines safe play, language learning and the use incorporates all senses. With its easy-to-use design, TIMIO has an ergonomic handle, rounded edges, a real speaker with a three-volume setting, a headphone jack and an auto shut-off feature.

On March 5th, TIMIO launched their crowdfunding kickstarter campaign. They aim to raise €20,000 to fund the production of the first line of TIMIO's. Support TIMIO and the good cause of a screen free upbringing of kids in a playful and educational manner. Click this link to go to the kickstarter campaign.

About TIMIO:

TIMIO B.V., based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was founded in 2017 by Basile Fattal, former Marketing Manager at Philips Electronics, who also founded and managed three successful startups. The company's first product, TIMIO, is a patented educational audio and music player for kids that was created with both parents and children in mind. TIMIO offers quality sound, interactivity and carefully curated content to help develop your kid's vocabulary, intellect and imagination. Because how we teach children affects how they learn.

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