July 08, 2019

CAR HMI 2019, Berlin

Everyone working on car interfaces – the digital cockpit – is present at the Car HMI conference in Berlin this week, and so is VanBerlo!

Seamless life

Industry leaders such as Ford, Renault and Volvo presented their vision on the future car UX. What strikes most is that overall, discussions are about designing for smart, personal experiences. Today, cars are seen as an integral part of daily life and people expect a seamless transition from home to work. Moreover, Alexander Heimberger from Audi stresses that we have to take all passengers into account – instead of focusing on the experience of just the driver. In order to design for the next generation of car interfaces and interiors we need to think beyond the vehicle to fully understand what it is the user needs.

Car personality

Paul Schouten from TomTom explains about the multimodal car interface, where the Graphic User Interface and Voice User Interface are integrated and support the driver in the most optimal way. Think of showing locations on a map vs. reading text messages out loud.We believe value can be added by humanizing the technology. In case of a VUI this could be the perceived personality of the voice assistant – its tone of voice, and when and how it interacts with you. If you apply this in a holistic way it is a great means to further strengthen the overall car UX.

Emotional and artificial intelligence

Other major insights came from the discussion about implications that machine learning and deep learning have on in-car experience. As the car is stacked with sensors anyway, it's the ideal environment to collect biodata and track emotions to adapt the cockpit to the driver and passenger's state of mind. This could have very useful applications in critical situations. For example, when stressed the car could help you calm down, or when it detects that you are sleepy, it could activate you to keep your eyes on the road. Over time you and your artificial, emotionally intelligent car could even develop a personal relationship!

At VanBerlo we're always full of ideas on how to gather user insights and translate these into valuable in-car experiences. Feel free to reach out if you like to know more!

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