August 12, 2019

A strong partnership to make big impact.

With the theme 'If not now, then when' Dutch Design Week 2019 emphasizes the urgency of a much-needed transition to a more sustainable way of life. How can we lower our impact on the planet, as business, as designers, as consumers? That question is central to the Embassy of Sustainable Design.

An exhibition with big global companies shows that it is not just about sustainable products, but about a transition, a process. A process that is complex, that requires investments and focuses on the long term, even when times get tough. On the other hand, the presentations also show that this theme offers opportunities, often with completely new business models.

It will become clear to visitors that the members of the Embassy are fully committed to sustainability in a very professional way. They have a major impact because of their market position and scale. But they cannot do it alone. The desired transition can only succeed through cooperation, based on transparency and openness. As one of the participants says: “We mainly participate to share our knowledge.”

Of course, the exhibition is about the role of designers and their professional responsibility. Not only towards producers when it comes to inventing and developing products, services and projects that are sustainable. But also towards consumers when it comes to meeting needs, creating awareness, and helping or encouraging people to make choices that are as sustainable and circular as possible.

That is also the message of the exhibition to the individual visitor: not only companies and designers can make a difference, but also you and me, as consumers. With every purchase.

In addition to the exhibition with appealing examples, the Embassy of Sustainable Design is a hot spot during DDW for specialists and interested parties to debate current practice and concrete challenges. In order to form a network of change agents, entrepreneurs, pioneers and designers. But we don't do that only during DDW. In the coming years we will work together to get to work on issues in network meetings, workshops and labs throughout the year. In this way we bring industry, designers, policymakers, production specialists and users together to initiate and encourage concrete change

Come see the embassy of sustainable design from October 21st until October 27th and be inspired.

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