March 01, 2015

It's all about magic

Anyone who has ever visited VanBerlo’s offices has no doubt been surprised at least once by a gnome, whether it’s one at the top of the stairs or one hanging on the corner of one of the whiteboards. We often get asked by many of you “what’s the story with the gnome?”

The VanBerlo gnome is a garden gnome, something typically Dutch, and something that reflects our roots. He is central to society, close to nature and can be seen at all levels of the social scale. Gnomes are blessed with every possible kind of intelligence, as opposed to humans.

"Together our gnome and his bird stand for the difference we make. Based on a vision and executed with dedication and passion"

Spiritual and emotional intelligence; which way should we go next? And with what belief? Our profession has a magical quality to it. By bringing together all the different elements we create something new. Something that no one before had ever thought of. Our gnome is central to this 'magic' and represents an honourable fairy-tale figure that primarily lives in our fantasy world. He is always there, but you never actually see him. Similarly there are things that we see that others possibly would not have noticed. We love to have our people stimulate our client's imagination. By allowing creativity to have full rein, we end up with results that stand out from the rest. Results that in their turn stimulate the imagination of the end user.

Physical intelligence; what are our needs and how are we going to tackle this? Gnomes are a little cheeky, a little stubborn but are incredibly sociable creatures, not afraid of getting their hands dirty on any kind of job; they are real doers. Hard workers that always deliver top class results as we do without being noticed. Stay small in order to make customers and their brands become big and make them shine. That is important to us.

Finally mental intelligence; what is our talent? What vision will make us stand out? Who ever takes a closer look sees that the VanBerlo gnome is not alone. On his hand there is a little bird that flies away every now and then so it can take a bird's eye view and change the perspective. In order to take on the latest developments and trends. The little bird symbolises our way of looking and incites our people to think and create out-of-the-box.

Together our gnome and his bird stand for the difference we make. Firm, proud and clear. No fairy tales but stories. Stories with a soul, in which a certain direction and meaning are the central focal point. Based on a vision and executed with dedication and passion. All this with the sole intention to transform ideas into business opportunities.

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