May 12, 2016

Upcycling: VanBerlo’s collaboration with Trash-2-Cash

Over the past couple of months Ivo and I have had the pleasure in taking part in the Trash-2-Cash project. The Trash-2-Cash Project aims to give a second life to zero-value waste, for instance turning it into high-value materials for fashion, interiors or automotive. Trash-2-Cash aims to turn textile and paper fibres into new materials for luxury products through an international collaboration of design, strategy and technology research. This will then provide creative companies with new material solutions.

Here at VanBerlo, we try our very best to be more environmentally friendly, for instance having plants that purify the air in our office. So, VanBerlo is passionate about helping our planet. VanBerlo is also passionate about design and different technological opportunities. So for us, this partnership was a match made in heaven! What exactly is the Trash-2-Cash project?

The Trash-2-Cash team crave new innovative ideas, especially when it comes to helping the planet. We want to flip the traditional process of recycling, and for us upcycling is a fantastic way to do so. Gone are the days where recycled products were turned into just newspapers or paper bags. Our goal is to increase the value of the end-product, contributing to the grave to cradle initiative. The Trash-2-Cash project allows us to do just that! However, the learning and enhancement of knowledge isn't one sided. Working with the other partners in this project has really opened our mind up to a whole new realm of possibilities, not only as designers but also individuals. We look at materials in a whole new way.

The trash-2-Cash project is a fantastic experience, and we're lucky enough to travel around Europe meeting the other partners investing in this project. One of Trash-2-Cash's very interesting, but very cold trips was to Helsinki. During this time, we contributed towards the research on global mega trends. This enabled us to give our partners an insight of how VanBerlo works, using our three concepts. We'll be jetting off to Milan in May, so be sure to stay tuned and follow Trash-2-Cash

Each step we take involves different elements that create something special. Not only do we contribute with global trend research in our Helsinki workshop, but we also explore other avenues that have not yet been explored. At the same time, we also look at user needs and business challenges. Though it is just the beginning, the Trash-2-Cash project aims to create better more sustainable solutions.

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Images by Cindy Kohala

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