May 23, 2016

Holland Meets India

The Holland Meets India conference was not only a platform to collaborate with entrepreneurs and companies, but also NGO's that aim to be more active on social issues. It was a fantastic opportunity for me as I spoke to people, wanting to invest in the NoSpill cup and the Staircase Illusion, bringing these concepts to life! I also had the pleasure to listen to other speakers at the event, which enabled me to see a different perspective. Some of my conversations consisted of Design Thinking at VanBerlo and how we design holistic solutions keeping in mind the user, their needs and the business case of the client.

VanBerlo joins up with its partners to build reliable bridges between user needs and desires, opportunities and sustainable business. Everything starts with a thorough understanding of the client's business aspects, diving deep into the needs of the end user. From using a user-centred approach, we can achieve and execute that solid solution, thus serving it to the market.

So, working and collaborating with Indian partners' shows immense potential, as the Indian market is now understanding the value of user centred products and services. In addition to this, English is widely spoken all over India, which means the communication barrier no longer exists. All this enables us to penetrate into the Indian market, using both our strengths and creating a better and smarter world.

Holland India Innovation Talks - Mumbai May 2016 from VanBerlo on Vimeo.

Design aside, the moment that really stood out to me was seeing my parents and friends. Seeing the pride in their eyes really reminded me that design isn't just about creating a product or solution, but it also has a personal touch to it. Whether it's personal or social, design is about creating the difference in someone's life!

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