July 18, 2016

What does 2030 hold for you?

So far everything is great, but what does 2030 hold for you? Does the ever-changing future make taking strategic decisions hard? At VanBerlo, we initiate a forward-looking journey, together with you. A journey that looks at trends and developments leading to critical drivers that impact your business, and helps envision plausible future scenarios for your company.
Why think about the future?

Our knowledge is all about the past, and most of the decisions are about the future. The future is highly unpredictable and constantly changing. Because of this on-going fluctuation, the VanBerlo process of Scenario Planning gives foresight and defines four different plausible futures. Thinking about this now helps us to plan ahead and define strategies, to move forward and embrace the future.

How do we help you prepare for the future?

Looking at trends and developments with our expert view provides not only inspiration, but also critical drivers that affect your future. Our specialised tools and expert facilitation lead you through a smooth process of defining those future scenarios crucial to your business context. We bring this future world to life using our storytelling techniques. Whether it's in the form of a storyboard, a movie or even just words, we further define the role your company will play in these future worlds. This facilitates you to explore disruptive strategies, evaluate your current strategy and assess the strategies that should be implemented, considering the future scenarios.

Get in touch with us!

If you are having trouble thinking long term and feel that your company needs inspiration, or you are already sure about where you wish to be in the future and want to assess your decisions, by defining the future actions, then get in touch with us. By using a proven process of Scenario Planning, we use our expertise as a strategic partner to customise this process for your specific needs. VanBerlo is the facilitator that will ensure your future stays firmly in your hands!

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