October 05, 2016

Dare to Dream – VanBerlo and the fight for a good night’s sleep

A healthy body?

We are constantly reminded of ways in which we can be good to our bodies, exercise, eat vegetables, don't drink too much, but what we do in sleep is equally important as what we do when we are awake. Sleep is when our body repairs and prepares as well as a time in which we rest; disruption to it can cause our immune systems to suffer and make us more prone to illness and disease. Most worryingly the greatest correlation between lack of sleep and illness relates to the heart; Dr. Ehab Kasasbah, a leading cardiologist found links between not getting enough sleep and hypertension; a state in which your blood pressure is abnormally high, and where the body becomes far more susceptible to blood clots, heart disease, strokes and many more.

'Sleep is the golden chain which ties health and our bodies together'
Thomas Dekker (1572 - 1632)

A happy mind?

I am sure we have all had one of those mornings when we don't have a good night sleep and wake up irritable and tired as a result, but the quality of our sleep and the quality of our mental health are intrinsically linked. Dr. Robert E Roberts of the University of Texas found that sleep impairment can be a precursor to major depression as well as limiting the brains ability to store memory, process thought, make judgments and control emotions, all processes that are key in our day to day function! Furthermore, it is said that being awake for any more than 16 hours of the day lowers our brain performance to the same as if we had a blood alcohol level of 0.5%, the legal limit for driving is just 0.8%! The message now appears more clear; a good night's sleep, something we take for granted but is actually incredibly important.

Where we come in

There are already a number of traditional methods of aiding sleep such as exercising regularly, having a regular pattern and not overindulging on food or alcohol; but we at VanBerlo are committed to making the difference and we have done exactly that here by developing two unique and distinct products which supplement those traditional methods and help to ensure that a good night sleep is a right, not a privilege to everyone.

Auping App

In partnership with Auping, we helped to develop the UX award nominated Auping Better days' app; a product that we were delighted to work on and helps to enhance sleep in two specific ways. The first is a handy feature which allows you to build a sleep profile based upon your sleeping pattern, this helps to inform your decision when choosing a mattress so that you get the perfect mattress to fit your requirements. The second unique feature, is a clever sleep coach which by using a smart algorithm, maps your sleep and gives you a clear and easy to understand sleep score. You are then encouraged to take control of your sleep through tips and challenges related to your score with the aim of developing and maximizing the future quality of your sleep.

We found working with Auping an Inspiring and enriching experience due to their commitment to scientific research into optimizing sleep quality; A theme we can relate to. Their forward thinking process and passion for innovation was a key factor throughout and we are very pleased that with our assistance; they were able to create an app that is truly synonymous with their other products in living up to the promise of 'Auping nights, better days'


The other product we worked on is yet to be released but truly is the stuff of dreams. The iBand+ by Arenar is a pioneering piece of tech which fits comfortably around the head, utilizing subtle frequencies and sounds to create a lucid dream state for the user. This dream state certifies that you receive the pinnacle in sleep in terms of both quality and duration; as the band also eases you back awake at a time that suits your body, so you wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead. Finally, the smart app monitors your sleep and gives advice so that you can develop your sleep over time.

These two products are testament to VanBerlo's commitment to create new and innovative products which work to enhance the human experience in diverse ways. With modern problems come future solutions and with our consolidated effort in the form of designing new products and services, and existing practical methods; we hope that sleep deprivation can be a problem that is solved overnight.

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