November 24, 2016

Innovation from another dimension

VanBerlo lends a creative hand to atum3D; helping them to completely re-design the 4th edition in their pioneering DLP Station range. Along with the ambitious young company, we took the printer to formnext fair in Frankfurt where it recieved a heavily anticipated debut to both the additive industry, and consumers.

A new look

We started developing from the outside inward with the DLP Station 4, and worked with atum3D to create a truly unique aesthetic that also suits a functional purpose. Most noticeably is the plinth, which adds height to the product, helping it to stand out; but also serves as a storage cupboard for the resins and materials essential for printing.

The beauty of the DLP Station 4's aesthetic however, is that it provides the user with multiple functional choice. The plinth for example, can be removed so that the printer can fit the role of a desktop appliance as well as an industrial one. The storage area can also be adapted to suit either multiple small cartridges or much larger ones in less multitude. Meaning that the DLP Station 4 can stand alone as a tool of research and development into materials; or as a component in a sequence of machines being used in the manufacturing process.

Unique touches

We were also able to lend some personal touches to the product to give it a unique appeal. When collaborating with atum3D, we decided on minimalistic, specific branding; the off-black logo and slants on the hood are examples of how we have added subtle features that distinguish the atum3D from other products. We also gave the product a totally unique feedback method in the form of a silver strip above the display which glows in one of three colours to indicate the printer's status. This is a bold and unique feature that you won't find anywhere else in the market; but once again, also serves a functional purpose as it allows workers in a factory setting to easily see the printer's status.

Interface that Excels

Using our comprehensive knowledge in interaction design and user insight, we were able to redesign the DLP Station 4's user interface. The displays that appear on the printer are clear, concise and easy to read; all the more personal as they are delivered on a sleek screen that tilts toward the direction of the user's eyes. The result is a product that is widely accessible and easy to use for anyone. The interaction system provides a useful dialogue between user and product which ensures a seamless link between the user's desire and the DLP Station 4's output.

Protecting Innovation

Lastly, we were heavily involved in the development of the DLP Station 4's hood. Besides having the offcuts that lend themselves to atum3D's branding, we also made the hood smaller and therefore stiffer and harder to break. The hood now opens vertically using a gas spring mechanism; this shows innovation both mechanically and ergonomically as this allows for easy opening and closing of the hood and the fact it opens vertically means that the open hood does not obstruct other processes happening around the printer.

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