June 17, 2015

A new, intuitive way to save lives

Sure, the growing number of AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in public spaces has led to increased survival rates. But these rates could skyrocket if more people felt confident enough to perform CPR, if there was a way to improve chest compression quality. VanBerlo has designed a way… a new product concept that could make all the difference! Take a quick look at our video about LIFESAVER – a smart and intuitive product concept that guides a user through CPR.

The LIFESAVER design directs a user in placing electrodes quickly and correctly on the victim, and then indicates the right location for CPR chest compressions. It measures compression depth and gives immediate, qualitative feedback via light effects and audio. LIFESAVER coaches the user in applying the right rhythm, and it counts compressions and lets the user know when it's time for mouth to mouth breathing. Bottom line: less training is needed to save lives!

The LIFESAVER concept is developed by VanBerlo together with material research institutes and universities as a demonstration of newly developed smart materials within Light Touch Matters, an EU funded FP7 project. Does this concept grab your interest? Contact Eric Biermann via e.biermann@vanberlo.nl or +31 (0)15 256 6910 for more information.

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