January 09, 2017

The Finishing Touch

How tailoring colour, material and finish are useful tools in making your innovations stand out from the rest and how we at VanBerlo have been applying them through our creations.

The Materials for success

A common issue that can face producers in these modern times, is being able to properly make your creations stand out. Markets these days are becoming increasingly saturated with products which serve the same purpose with not a lot to separate them and this can make it very hard to reach out to consumers and promote your innovations; especially if you don't command a sizeable brand awareness or market share! We at VanBerlo have worked on products and services which often possess a unique design or cutting edge function that sets them apart from the rest; however, we also use a special practice that gives each of our creations, a special boost; This practice is CMF.

Now what is CMF you might ask? Well, CMF (Colour, Material and Finish) is a professional discipline which focuses upon the colour, material and finish of your product in order to support both its functional and emotional attributes. By correctly applying the CMF discipline; we are able to tailor the colours, materials and finishes of our innovations, to result in products that exhibit a perfect and harmonious balance between visual beauty, functional performance and market appeal. This state that our creations reach, ensures an unparalleled user experience that is complemented by a physical aesthetic that differentiates our products from others; delivering the final word in our promise to create the difference!

A winning strategy

There are two distinct parts to correctly practicing the CMF discipline, and the two are of equal importance in our journey to reaching the aforementioned conclusion. The first part is the strategy; this is a process which is synonymous with our passion for user insights as it involves the study of emotional consumer factors such as cultural trends, perceptions and needs that buyers both current and potential express. It also drives the creation of a CMF- framework to allow for coherent portfolio development.

This stage ultimately serves as a means of setting up our product's potential future aesthetic and forecasts the components of colour, material and finish. These components are important in simultaneously catering to the needs of our clients, and most importantly the people who get to enjoy what we make in the end!

Tying things together

The second part of the CMF process, is the implementation stage. This is where we take all of the enlightening knowledge and insight we prepared in our strategy that helped us formulate our idea for what our creation will look like; and assess and adjust it to satisfy its multiple functional environmental influences. The aim here is to ensure we really nail the specifications of our innovation with regard to materials, colour, matching and more. Attention to detail at this stage really pays off as it translates into a perfect balance between what we want to achieve and feasibility.

The overall idea of the implementation stage is to develop the innovation from an insight lead expression of strategy; to a functional product that can thrive in its market and keep to the strategy and design intent as closely as possible.

Where you can see CMF in action

We apply CMF on a day to day basis here at VanBerlo; our most noticeable example of the power of CMF is the red dot award winning Promesso coffee machine that we helped Douwe Egberts create. The predecessors to the award winning machine were ones that were colour driven; using DE's brand signature red colouring. However, through interaction design and the utilization of the right colours and materials through CMF; we were able to revolutionize their range and create a machine that brings a whole new experience to coffee. Noticeably a sleek and stylish look that allows the tradition of making quality coffee, to be packaged and delivered in a modern aesthetic that fits the contemporary office space.

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