January 13, 2017

Three resolutions for innovation in the New Year

Resolution 1: From bridging the gap to digital integration - We take pride in being able to bridge the gap between business strategy, technological opportunity, and consumer wants and needs. This year, we will bring even more focus than last year to become the guiding hand that will usher our clients into the more and more encroaching digital age. Markets are constantly shifting such as from being product orientated to service orientated and the world is becoming less about products but more about the experience associated with them. Data is an important key tool for any company willing to ride this oncoming tide. To hear more about one of the ways VanBerlo is picking up this challenge, read this article by Han Toebast here.

Resolution 2: Boltmove to Innovation Powerhouse - Early summer will see the most significant event for us internally as we move our Eindhoven office to the old Philips power plant on Strijp-T, the site of our new Innovation Powerhouse! This momentous occasion, coupled with our recent move into the Ypenburg office in The Hague marks the beginning of the next chapter in VanBerlo's story for both us and our clients.

For this transition to run smoothly we ensure that the studio fulfils its potential as an environment that delivers a truly inspiring and comfortable work experience for all our employees; whilst providing the hub from which we produce the highest in quality of innovations for you! The office will be a fresh, contemporary space of creative and collaborative energy. To achieve this, a series of brainstorms were organised to collect prospective design concepts, resulting in a feature-rich, employee focused workplace. You can read more about our journey toward the Innovation Powerhouse here.

Resolution 3: Broaden our international horizons - With 60% of our clients based out of the Netherlands, we have established ourselves as an international company; we are conquering the world! Recent examples of our growing international prowess would be Mileha's incredibly successful talk at Holland meets India, which you can read about here. Another would be the Trash2Cash conference that we recently attended in London regarding the development of sustainable fabrics. Not just Mileha, but also Nadine, Sophie, Oliver and others are also testament to how we wish to be international internally too. As they represent part of our growing list of international employees. In the New Year, we wish to build on this, by strengthening and forming even more international client links; and internally, by attracting more and more expats and international employees to enrich the diversity and creativity from which we pool our innovations.

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