June 18, 2015

VanBerlo Insights Bootcamp: From insights to innovations

On 1st & 2nd June we did it again… the VanBerlo Insights Bootcamp! 15 motivated creatives from VanBerlo went infield to discover unmet user needs. Two times a year we train our creatives in design research skills. This year the bootcamp took place in Delft, where we explored the topic ‘Monitoring sports in the future’. To push the integration of insights gathering in our projects, we constantly train our interviewing and observation skills. To create even better solutions for our clients.

We start with a fictitious client brief and write some first perceptions about 'what we think that the user thinks' on an empathy map.

We go through the process of recruiting users and preparing infield guides, to cover all topics that we want to discuss while we are infield. The VanBerlo Infield toolkit contains all the material that we need whilst we are on our discovery. Yes, we really go out there!

The VB Insights Bootcamp is a mix of short, theoretical lessons and practical instruction, to teach the teams to stand up and go where the action happens!

First, all Kabouters build teams and spread out to do interviews, observations and focus groups. They come back with tons of valuable information to share. But how to share without telling all? We use the VB data download – a specific VB method that filters all information and makes it presentable to a wider group. All Kabouters discuss and cluster the information, loaded with all the energy from the users perspective, and come up with opportunity areas. And yes, all this happens in just one day.

The second part of the VB Insights Bootcamp is to take the opportunities and create tangible solutions that we can validate. And again, infield with real users. Within smaller teams we ideate and create quick prototypes of our ideas. We go back to the different user groups and test, validate and refine our first concepts. We present the users' feedback to the group and begin to form real design briefs. Insights made tangible.

Two intense days with a fantastic team spirit lead us to deep insights and a refreshment of our own skills. Big thanks to everyone who contributed!

Getting interested? Reach out to us for more info. Note: We not only offer the VB Insights Bootcamp trainings internally, we also extend this service to our clients who want to know more about applying user experience to their projects!

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