February 03, 2017

Uniqster Feeder nominated for High Tech Platform IIA

Design agency VanBerlo collaborated with System Supplier MTA and their client Canister Solutions BV to create the Uniqster Feeder. This innovative product for the healthcare industry was nominated for the High Tech Platform Inspiration & Innovation Award. The Uniqster Feeder team is one of five finalists waiting to hear whether their product will bring home the prize on Wednesday, 8 February, during the High Tech Platform annual conference at The Strip conference centre in Eindhoven.

A convenient system

The Uniqster Feeder is a filling station that places split and specially-sized medication tablets automatically into special Uniqster Canisters. A useful tool for pharmacists, hospitals and nursing homes. Pill sorting and counting has typically been a time-consuming task for healthcare providers. This system saves valuable time and can even prevent sorting errors, helping to avert disastrous consequences for the patient.

Design and development process

VanBerlo designers and MTA engineers worked closely with Canister Solutions BV to develop the Uniqster Feeder; truly a worldwide first for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. VanBerlo was responsible for the usability and design of the feeder, whilst MTA engineered and produced the product. The team started with a working prototype from Arie van Wijngaarden, inventor of the Uniqster Feeder and Canisters, which also functioned as the starting point for the configuration and product structure. In a joint workshop, the team discussed how to improve upon the user flow and further translate the principles and brand into a physical product. After some initial renderings, the team decided on a configuration. Using tools such as 3D design with split lines, colour and finish and product graphics, they turned out a detailed design. All things considered, the entire process went relatively quick; the concept design was finished within a month, the full development and engineering took another six months only.

A healthcare provider need only select from the formatted options and wait for the container to fill with the correct type, amount and format of pills. The product's user management function stores user action data, saving additional time in the long run. The Uniqster Feeder is easy to clean and is UL and CE certified.

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