February 06, 2017

What to expect from ISPO 2017?

Creative Director Waldo Reijnders and I are in Munich for ISPO 2017, which is fitting since we’ve just returned from our annual VanBerlo winter sport trip; and with a record number of exhibitors both domestic and international, we can’t wait to catch a glimpse of what’s on offer.

For us, ISPO means getting informed on the latest international trends and product innovations from the winter sports and outdoor sectors, and we are already getting a lot of buzz about just what those innovations will be! We can see a lot of brands and bloggers discussing what's going to be on show, and we must say we're excited to experience the products and trends first hand. Sadly, we will only be here for two days, but we've considered some key areas where we think we will make some real finds in relation to shredding powder.


A key area that we excel in here at VanBerlo and which you can learn more about by reading Jelske's article here; CMF is an aspect that really rolls with the times, and we'll certainly see that in winter apparel. We are all hearing that “gone are the days of loud neon colours and wild prints”, and transition to natural, earthy, intense and muted hues is on its way. Or perhaps, we will catch a glimpse of the revolutionary premium black ranges, which come complete with newly manufactured high tech fabrics we could only previously see online. Having said that, many lines appear to be adopting a causal look, one that balances life both on and off the slopes!

However, there is now a focus on sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production. What does this mean for the big brands? Are the materials we see on the slopes about to change forever? Or will the transition be slower than expected? Furthermore, we can see innovative new ways of production and assembly methods coming into the limelight. Fully taped seams, intelligent 3D cutting, and laser air vents, to name a few; could these become the rule and not the exception?

Wearable Electronics

The most exciting development is the ever growing wearable technology market, which is branching out into more and more areas; and is set to take the consumer world by storm. Integration of tech on ski boots can already be seen on Kickstarter in the form of CARV and its successful campaign; a feedback system that notifies you of incorrect movements and provides advice on improvement. Is this the future of self-coach skiing? Or just a short craze? Brands such as Samsung, Casio, Garmin and Polar will also be showcasing their innovations in a special 'Health & Fitness' hall; it will be enlightening to see what footsteps the giants are taking.


Whether you're a ski tourer or a free rider, safety remains paramount in production. This is where the brands have to innovate and wonder how to make safety 'cool' again. ISPO is looking to answer this question with the Snow and Safety Summit; a unique space where we will get to see manufacturers demonstrate their creations for delivering the thrill of winter sport in the safest manner.

We are certainly jumping on board! Will you? Keep an eye out on our website for more from the future of winter sports and some developments from the wider outdoor world. Remember to check out VanBerlo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to catch a glimpse of what we've been getting up to.

Header image by ISPO.

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