March 14, 2017

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

With Valentine's day now behind us, the hotly anticipated HEY bracelet has reached its Kickstarter pledged goal. This is a product we helped to prototype, develop and finish along with our client House of Haptics, and we are keen to tell you some more about it.

The HEY bracelet is a revolutionary piece of wearable tech which brings a new dimension to letting somebody know that you are thinking fondly of them. The bracelet helps to enhance the quality of long distance relationships. For anyone that has experienced one, they can be tough and the limitations of messages or skype calls can be frustrating. HEY works to solve this problem by giving you the ability to touch your loved one, even if they are on the other side of the world. It utilizes Bluetooth LE, to connect with your smartphone, to connect with the cloud. The HEY bracelet can transmit a squeezing sensation to a paired bracelet from anywhere on the planet.

This brings new possibilities to long distance relationships and ensures that you are never out of touch. Aside from being involved in helping our client to master the HEY bracelets unique interaction, VanBerlo also crafted a sleek and stylish aesthetic for the HEY bracelet. This makes it a cool accessory to be warn confidently on the wrist.

The HEY bracelet's pioneering nature and fresh concept didn't go unnoticed. To our delight, after just one day on Kickstarter, it is over halfway on the way to reaching its pledged aim of 120,000 euros. This is an outcome we observed previously with the ground breaking iBand+. That was the last creation we helped develop that featured on Kickstarter. You can read more about the iBand+ here. These innovations help to enforce the message that we at VanBerlo are an ideal partner for large firms, but also for enterprising young startups with the potential to make an impact. Who knows what the next breakthrough innovation we help to bring to life will be!

You can visit the HEY bracelet's webpage by clicking here, or if you are keen to check out the successful Kickstarter campaign, click here.

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