March 16, 2017

Hello World Mobile Congress 2017 - Day 2

With yesterday being mainly about hardware and the flashiest phone's on the way to market's soon, today we turned our attention to the Internet of Things and how greater connectivity is becoming more possible through technological advancement.

The second biggest booth was Ericsson's. They try to give a more human characteristic to the technology they've developed, and they had very nice trend research on show. We observed their results; like the gigantic influence of the tech giants, or how our life could significantly change if we colour our life using augmented reality.

Why are those infrastructural giants getting so big? The answer lies in the fast-growing connected world. Not only the smart phone in your hands but many unknown devices are sending their messages to the cloud.

I wondered if the Internet of Things (IoT) is already here. Just looking around it's clear that the business world is already undergoing this transition. However there isn't much intelligent communication between the devices, rather there is simply communication to their master in the cloud. To help the devices commented new standards arise more quickly, LoRa is becoming a mature standard to use, with low power consumption and signal over considerable distances. SigFox was as a competitor to LoRa, although less visible in Barcelona. The big tech companies are in favour of LTE CAT-M alternatives. The advantage is the licensed band, so no interference with other devices and the billing system is practically included. The subscription model however, could make the early business case more difficult. Regarding devices, no big names but a lot of purpose specific development has gone ahead.

It was nice to see a lot a software and hardware solutions for IoT already available for the business to business market. Consumers on the other hand, must wait. Most eco-systems are completely closed and often based on a WLAN gateway to the cloud.

I can understand how important IoT is for the industry. 5G won't happen fast but, IoT is already happening and it's providing a lot of opportunities. Opportunities that will reach most of the VanBerlo clientele.

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