May 31, 2017

VanBerlo at home with high tech

Over the last few decades, the South East of the Netherlands has made a name for itself as a key innovator in two unique fields. High-tech being the first, is at the core of innovative industry in this region, with Brabant now responsible for half of all Dutch patent applications. The second field is design, wherein the design world has recognised Eindhoven as its unofficial capital, with education, international events and many enterprising firms.

A typical example of how we work within the high-tech field was the development of the MetalFab1 system by Additive Industries. Creating a metal 3D printing 'factory in a box' presents special challenges, namely: how do you stand out in a highly competitive field? How do you make work convenient for operators? VanBerlo participated in a cluster of development partners to optimize usability and make their first product an icon for a new class of instruments.

VanBerlo was a partner at the very early stages of the development of Phenom, a desktop sized electron microscope. Starting from a technology platform, VanBerlo considered the wishes of typical users and buyers, and proposed a product design that fits perfectly. Phenom is low in cost, comes in many configurations and is as simple to operate as your office coffee machine. The appeal to non-trained users, combined with its performance, made Phenom a commercial success story.

For Liteq, an Eindhoven-based developer of lithography systems, VanBerlo built the corporate branding and graphical style and personality of the new company. At the same time, we participated in establishing the layout of the Liteq's first instrument. FlexPack100 is a production station for advanced integrated circuits. We designed for quick installation and servicing, factors which are essential for productivity in integrated factories. As a new product in the market, FlexPack was given a distinct look, reflecting its high level of innovation.

SoLayTec asked VanBerlo to assist in the development of the architecture of their atomic layer deposition machine for solar panels. In this market, requirements vary from client to client and this called for a highly adaptable concept. The team came up with an expandable layout with in which modules are easy to exchange. Using a smart combination of digital and physical modelling, the team could make confident choices in technology as well as in user experience.

It is these companies' strong focus on attaining functional performance that makes VanBerlo the ideal partner to collaborate with to strengthen their business. We know how to optimize user experience, bring in creative ideas in several areas, and showcase internal performance in a high-quality exterior. We speak the language of mechatronics developers and can easily fit into teams of specialists.

Smart technology is one of the drivers of the Dutch economy and VanBerlo is determined to be a first-rate partner for the industry sector.

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