July 18, 2017

The SITA Drop&Fly soars to victory at the Red Dot awards

We have had a great year so far here at VanBerlo, and the fun hasn’t stopped yet as we’ve just been told that we can add to our award tally for 2017 thanks to the Drop&Fly. This was an innovative luggage self-check in module that we helped SITA develop.

On the 3rd of July, the brightest stars from the design world gathered in Essen's Auto – Theater for the Red Dot Gala. Over the course of the evening, Red Dot product design awards were awarded to the most innovative products of the year. Of the winners, we picked up an award for the Drop&fly, this was especially rewarding as we previously won this award in 2013 for the Drop&Fly's predecessor, The SITA Scan&Fly. The Drop&Fly is currently on exhibition until the 6th of August at the Red Dot design museum in Essen, Germany, at 'Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Awar: Product Design 2017'.

So what made it really take off?

Firstly, we placed extra focus on an optimal user experience, even for people with disabilities or limited vision. The Drop&Fly is designed to be completely and independently accessible for everyone.

The user experience was also taken into careful consideration in SITA's Drop&Fly user interface. Take a parking meter for example, a machine like that can be confusing. There are too many buttons present, or the function of the buttons is just unclear. With the Drop&Fly we have prevented any confusion, by introducing the various components in a logical order. This solution enables each user to work with the product in a comfortable and intuitive way.

To help the user feel confident and secure that their suitcases will be processed with due care, high quality materials such as a glass panel door are utilised. This makes the experience around the Drop&Fly transparent, literally; the end user can see what happens with their suitcases. The total picture of an intuitive, visible and transparent product that focuses on the end user.

You can learn more about the Drop&Fly here.

Here we are tinkering with the colour, material and finish of the Drop&Fly, to ensure the product was as pleasing aesthetically as it was functionally. You can learn more about how we do this here.

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