August 01, 2017

VanBerlo at full force in the Innovation Powerhouse

The transformation of the energy plant at Strijp-T (TR building) into the Innovation Powerhouse is almost complete. The head office of design agency VanBerlo will operate from this iconic building from 1 Augustus. CEO Thomas Paulen: ‘The move to this new location is a milestone.’

The Innovation Powerhouse (TR building), formerly owned by Philips, is an initiative of the innovation and design agency VanBerlo. The founder of VanBerlo, Ad van Berlo, explains: 'The purpose of the building was to provide Philips with energy. During this period the energy plant went through various unique phases. It used coal as an energy source, followed by oil, waste and finally gas. We now have the privilege of welcoming the fifth phase of this historic building, whereby the power of innovation will be the new source of energy produced in the building!'

The Innovation Powerhouse in all its glory, located at Strijp-T in Eindhoven. The two chimneys can be seen for miles.

Everything that VanBerlo stands for will be visible in the Innovation Powerhouse, with open innovation forming the basis. Thanks to architects Janne van Berlo (Atelier van Berlo), Margriet Eugelink (Eugelink Architectuur) and Stefan de Bever (De Bever Architecten), the Innovation Powerhouse embodies exactly this: it is an open ecosystem focused on collaboration.

The central hall with skylight forms the heart of the building.

A central skylight spans the length of the building, creating a meeting place that forms the beating heart of the building and where lines of sight and people from different disciplines come together. A community feeling is being built here, with events focused on knowledge-sharing, exhibitions and access to the restaurant. Janne van Berlo from architectural office Atelier van Berlo: 'The skylight brings liveliness to the otherwise dark core and puts the heavy concrete structures of the coal shafts in the spotlights.'

Industrial elements have been maintained - wherever possible - and add character. As such, the coal shafts have been converted into meting rooms.

VanBerlo was looking for a new location for its head office in Eindhoven for several years. With 2,300 m2 of studio space and a 200 m2 workshop, the Innovation Powerhouse provides space for the growing number of employees and the new way of working. VanBerlo's CEO Thomas Paulen explains: 'In order to develop relevant solutions, connection, the exchange of information, creativity and especially innovative power are needed. The flexible arrangement of the spaces stimulates this. For instance, places where we can work intensively on projects together with customers, partners and universities. There are also communal spaces for informal sessions and presentations as well as rooms in which usability tests, hackathons and scrum sessions can be held. A suitable place that gives an enormous boost to the company and the people, and that stimulates creative energy on all sides.'

VanBerlo's employees have large workstations with plenty of light to ensure an inspiring working experience.

VanBerlo's upcoming move marks the launch of the Innovation Powerhouse and the further development of the Strijp-T area. An expansion of the innovative heart of Eindhoven.

Artist impressions by Atelier van Berlo.

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