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Building an innovative culture

The new accommodation of VanBerlo, the Innovation Powerhouse, has a culture of people from different disciplines working together. Open innovation is the guideline. During his lecture on January 26st, Han Toebast will explain at ‘Vakbeurs Facilitair’ how this came about and how the building is instrumental in innovation processes.

Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer
Design Thinking Masterclass: Module Two

Ad van Berlo and Ivo Lamers will be holding a design thinking masterclass in partnership with Nyenrode Business University and TU/e. The masterclass will be centred around how business professionals can apply Design Thinking as a means of overcoming challenges and finding innovation. The event will require payment to attend and the second module will take place at VanBerlo's office, the Innovation Powerhouse, in Eindhoven.

Design Thinking Masterclass

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