December 20, 2018

Future-proof planning

Reckitt Benckiser owns some of the most established and successful brands in their categories. For decades they have created and sold products to make everyone's homes cleaner, safer and happier. A great track record to have, but even more important to focus on maintaining this position and improving growth prospects in this ever-changing world. To keep these brands relevant to consumers RB and its partners need to keep delivering added value. Not just now, but (far!) into the future.


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Learn from our Pros - Design Thinking Course TIAS x VanBerlo

By the end of October, our Innovation & Strategy experts Boudewijn Soetens, Maayke de Brouwer and Ivo Lamers, in collaboration with TIAS School for Business and Society, will provide a three day course in Design Thinking. Learn how to apply this powerful tool for problem solving and innovation in your organisation. Register now to reserve yourself a spot!

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