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Successful businesses team up in successful partnerships. At VanBerlo we believe that our partnerships help to make us stronger, enlarge our knowledge base, keep us on our toes. Through our various collaborations we've been able to broaden our reach, and keep expanding our horizons.

TU Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven) is a research university that specialises in engineering science and technology. Industrial Design at the TU Eindhoven is supported by four pillars: technology, user research, design and business. With those pillars firmly in place the Department of Industrial Design can take a product from its initial idea to successful market positioning. A great match for VanBerlo and the Professorship of Ad van Berlo: Entrepreneurial Design of Intelligent Systems.

TU Delft

Integrated Product Design (IPD) is a systematic approach to product development. In the IPD Master's Programme students learn to adapt the design process to the demands of specific design problems and design contexts, focusing in particular on the design of innovative products and product-service combinations for consumers and professional users. An method consistent with VanBerlo’s holistic approach.

Brunel University London

Brunel University, established in 1966, is a world-class university based in Uxbridge, West London. Their mission has always been to combine academic excellence with the practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach that was pioneered by their namesake, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


DITSS focuses on technological and social innovations in the field of Safety & Security; security in the social context. They’re able to develop new and applicable solutions through collaboration with public partners, science and companies. To pursue these solutions, DITSS joins forces with representatives from the Cities of Eindhoven and Tilburg, the police, TU Eindhoven and various systems suppliers. VanBerlo is partners with DITSS. VanBerlo applies their design thinking and the Designing Out Crime (DOC) method of Prof. Kees Dorst to the area of safety in public places.

Brainport Development

Brainport Development is an economic development organisation that works together with partners from industry, research institutions and government to strengthen Eindhoven’s Brainport Region. Brainport, the high-tech centre of Europe, is an important pillar of the Dutch economy. Here, high tech and design combine with high quality manufacturing and the delivery of enterprise solutions for the social challenges of tomorrow. Brainport Development cultivates regional economic strategy, stimulates and implements regional and (inter)national projects and programmes, promotes the Eindhoven Brainport Region at home and abroad and supports the regional innovative businesses with advice, financing and housing in high-tech business centres.


BOM stimulates companies, governments and research institutions to achieve the economic ambitions of Brabant. Basically, they strive to offer smart solutions to social issues. The core functions of the BOM are to forge partnerships between companies and institutions, attract foreign companies, take on risk by investing in starting and growing innovative companies and to develop business locations.


Blacktrace is an independent merger and acquisition specialist, providing guidance for medium-sized and large businesses when going through merger and acquisition transactions, attracting shareholder capital and/or arranging funding. Blacktrace helps companies make the transition to a higher level and provides professional support in the following areas: divestment, acquisition, management buyout, corporate valuation, corporate financing and corporate exit. VanBerlo assesses what the companies have to offer and what their adaptability/innovative ability is in recognising and addressing market opportunities. We do this based on Ad van Berlo’s model of Creative Equity.

The Hague Security Delta

The Hague Security Delta (HSD) is the largest security cluster in Europe. In this Dutch cluster – with important regional hubs in The Hague, Twente and Brabant – businesses, governments and knowledge institutions work together on innovations and knowlegde in the field of cyber security, national and urban security, protection of critical infrastructure and forensics. They share a common goal: more business activity for more jobs and a secure world. The core is the HSD Campus, the national innovation centre for security in The Hague.