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March 31, 2016

Design agency VanBerlo wins four Red Dots and a Best of the Best Award


Design agency VanBerlo has brought home four international Red Dot Awards, and won a prestigious Best of the Best Award. This information was made public by a 41-member jury on Wednesday, 30 March. All prizes will be awarded Monday, 4 July at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany. As of that date, all winning designs will be on display for the next four weeks at a special exhibition in the red dot design museum in Essen.

Four awards, extra recognition
This year the international Red Dot Awards jury reviewed more than 5,200 entries from 57 countries in three main disciplines: Product, Communication and Draft. Design agency VanBerlo won awards for the Promesso coffee machine (Jacobs Douwe Egberts), MetalFAB1 (Additive Industries), Nefit Easy (Bosch) and two microwave ovens (ATAG). The collaboration with Jacobs Douwe Egberts has also been crowned with an honorary Best of the Best Award.

Promesso coffee machine
In collaboration with Jacobs Douwe Egberts VanBerlo developed the Promesso coffee machine. A machine for the business market that brings together a multitude of complex technology in one compact design. Thanks to an intuitive touchscreen with a 'puck' users can determine strength, quantity and how much milk froth they want in their coffee. The innovative machine can store selected variations, save favorites and remember the preferences of multiple users. Even the device's ambient lighting is adaptable. More information:

Together with Additive Industries, VanBerlo designed the exterior and the user interface for the world's first integrated system for the 3D printing of high-end metal parts. MetalFAB1 combines 3D printing with integrated heat treatment and automated logistics of building materials and products. The machine performs up to a factor of ten times better than existing systems (productivity, reproduction and flexibility), can be configured from standard modules and meets diverse needs of OEM customers and service companies. More information:

Nefit Easy (Junkers c100)
The Nefit Easy from Bosch is a smart thermostat that puts ease of use at the forefront. The device can be operated remotely by using a specially developed app via a smartphone or tablet; a functional innovation, as presence detection helps save on energy. VanBerlo was responsible for the design and development of the clear interface on the touchscreen. More information:

ATAG ovens
The Matrix line from ATAG includes the most advanced kitchen appliances available today. VanBerlo's developments for the company include a steam combi oven (CS6592D) and a multi-function oven with integrated microwave (CX4592D). Also central to these designs are accessibility and ease of use. Both ovens are robust in their execution with different shades of black with metallic accents. The smart control panel with TFT display is fully integrated. Just two buttons make all key functions accessible in a snap.

Vincent Hofstee (Senior Product Manager ATAG): 'This prize is a testament to our long-term cooperation with VanBerlo. We have developed a unique signature, which allows us to put distinctive quality products on the market. This only works if you're united in your ideas.' More information:

VanBerlo is a creative and strategic partner to international players and ambitious start-ups; from successful brands to organisations on a smaller scale that want to make a difference. More information:

Red Dot Awards
The Red Dot Awards are annual design awards that are given for the best product designs in 31 categories. More information about the Red Dot design award, a list of the winners and the international jury:

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