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April 22, 2016

Design agency VanBerlo takes flight


The 21st of April marked a new era for VanBerlo, as we celebrated our official opening for our new second office in Ypenburg, The Hague. A building that’s rich in history will now become a building where innovation takes flight!

On Thursday, 21 April 2016, VanBerlo has officially flung wide the doors of their second office. Ypenburg is a former air base with a rich history. It breathes innovation, warrants communication, a building that supports the aspirations of a company that desires to reach for the sky. CEO Thomas Paulen: “In addition to our headquarters in Eindhoven, we have been strengthening our team in the area of The Hague for the last ten years. The opening of this location is a checkpoint, literally, where we place another full service design agency squarely on the map." The building was restored in 2014. A monument designed by architects Brinkman and Van der Vlugt, who also designed the Van Nelle factory. With great respect for its history, the building was restored and transformed into an ultra-modern design studio.

Thomas Paulen sees a dream come true and explains, “We have been working towards, and investing heavily in, this moment for years. We were always convinced that the right location would give an enormous boost to the company and our people. Things like that are made crystal clear when you feel it, and that is exactly what is happening now. Creative energy, everywhere you look." The second location has several areas, each with its own atmosphere. A laboratory for experiments, a cosy bar for informal sessions, team rooms that can be transformed with ease, design studios equipped with all the latest gadgets and a Top Secret department, shielded from the outside world where the most confidential projects can be worked on. “It feels like coming home," tells Paulen. “Open, intimate, mature and focused on collaboration. Totally VanBerlo. And it all came about through the efforts of our employees, customers and partners. I'm extremely proud of this achievement."

Where innovation takes flight
Branch manager Eric van Dorst also backs this important step: “For VanBerlo, moving into this landmark building is not just a reward for all for the hard work, it's also the beginning of a new phase. A phase in which we are better equipped to create the difference, to work together with our customers and partners towards the future." The process of VanBerlo is characterized by combining different disciplines. This is how innovation requests from customers all over the world are resolved. Ypenburg offers the possibility to communicate digitally with the greatest of ease, or even to provide temporary accommodation a customer. Paulen explains, “It's all about connecting and sharing information. By investing in super-fast servers that connect Eindhoven and Ypenburg, everyone can work simultaneously with the same data."

A good neighbour
In Eindhoven a big move is also in the works. In 2017 VanBerlo will move into the Innovation Powerhouse at Strijp-T. This former power station will become the gathering place for innovative companies and ambitious start-ups. “Collaboration is very important for us," says Paulen. “For example, we share Ypenburg with Type22; a customer of ours for years now and rapidly becoming an international player. An exceptional neighbour in a perfect setting. Our collaboration can only improve."

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