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November 14, 2016

New atum3D DLP Machine makes debut


atum3D introduces DLP Station 4 at form next, developed in partnership with VanBerlo.

atum3D, leader in cost-efficient, high quality 3D manufacturing, presents its latest machine at the upcoming formnext event, November 15 through 19 in Frankfurt, Germany. DLP Station 4 is the first machine based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology offering a feature set that allows it to be used from prototyping plastic components all the way up to industrial serial production of these components. As such, atum3D rivals traditional production methods, like injection molding, for the first time with a cost-efficient, flexible (personalize or upgrade on the fly) alternative which eliminates all lead time. atum3D DLP Stations create components for consumer goods, automotive, aerospace and toys industries, which can be prototyped by R&D departments on the very same machine. With the DLP Station 4, atum3D introduces an optimized design, conceived by award winning Dutch design and innovation agency VanBerlo, combining good looks with industrial robustness, modularity and unprecedented usability.

“We are delighted to introduce this state-of-the-art manufacturing machine in Frankfurt", says Guy Nyssen, Channel Manager at atum3D. “This versatile DLP Station combines exceptional accuracy and material properties matching ABS and PU with a modular, scalable setup and an integral process to manufacture series of ready-to-use components". Guy explains that the DLP Station 4 can cost-efficiently make series of 1 up to 10.000 pieces. “With the required tolerance levels and finishing, but without the lead times, inflexibility to instantly accommodate minor component changes and required investments in molds or expensive hardware" he adds.

VanBerlo were able to lend a creative hand by developing the DLP Station 4's unique and stylish aesthetic. They did so in a way that did not compromise the product's function; instead enhancing it. For example, the unique metallic strip at the center of the design; which illuminates in different colours to indicate the printer's status. This allows the DLP Station 4 to feedback to the user in a revolutionary stylish manner. The plinth, upon which the printer sits serves a dual purpose as it brings a touch of gravitas, boldness and professionality to the printer; whilst also suiting the functional purpose. This purpose is that it provides a useful storage space for the resins and materials that are used in the printing process. Finally, they proposed the re-design of the product's hood, which not only protects the integral components of the product; but also has a spring release mechanism for effortless extension and retraction.

The selected venue for introducing DLP Station 4 makes sense, as formnext is one of the biggest annual events in additive manufacturing. Guy: “atum3D attracted a lot of international attention in the past months, which has in part led to the decision to present ourselves at formnext". atum3D's goals in Frankfurt are twofold. “Apart from the opportunity to meet potential customers, we're primarily aiming to meet professional distribution partners so we'll be able to jointly serve customers all over the globe."

atum3D invites interested parties to visit stand 3.1-B88 at formnext in the Messe Frankfurt from November 15 through 19, 2016. Please contact atum3D today ( to receive a complimentary entry voucher.

About atum3D

atum3D connects superior DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology to cost-effective, high quality serial manufacturing capabilities. atum3D products are designed from the ground up and comprised of hardware, software and resins, which are integrated to fit the customer's needs. Based on the assessment of requirements and infrastructure, atum3D combines its modular product building blocks to design the optimal solution, applying in-depth knowledge and years of experience. Whether you're looking for efficient batch component manufacturing, optimization of the preceding R&D and innovation processes or fast and cost-effective in-house single piece or small series manufacturing: atum3D is here for you!

About VanBerlo

VanBerlo is a pioneering, independent design and innovation agency comprised of a ninety strong team of enterprising and creative employees; with two unique and inspiring offices in the Netherlands. The company has a plethora of expertise ranging across multiple fields in product design, UX and communication. This makes VanBerlo a sought after companion to both domestic and international clients. They strive to stand on the forefront of innovation with their products and services; aiming to build bridges between consumer needs and desires, technological opportunity and sustainable business strategy.

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