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March 10, 2017

VanBerlo brings home 3 iF DESIGN AWARDS


The iF DESIGN AWARD jury assessed no less than 5,575 contributions this year from 59 countries. With Huawei FAT, SITA Drop&Fly and Gran System’s smart meter, VanBerlo won 3 awards in the Product Design category.

Huawei Fast Access Terminal (FAT)

How are glass fibres distributed from the big cable to the homes? A distribution box is needed. Huawei's Fast Access Terminal is unlike any other. It is smaller, has a tapered shape and comes with many intelligent features. Like solutions for hinges, mounting bracket, internal trays and new optical connectors that are easier and quicker to install. The connectors are angled and positioned on a tilted bottom, making them more user-friendly and accessible. They clearly communicate when not tightened correctly. The design includes QR codes on the connectors, enabling an AR-app for intelligent installation and servicing.

SITA Drop&Fly

You arrive at the airport, ready to fly. You have checked-in online the night before. But there it is: the long queue for baggage drop off. Drop&Fly® makes self-service baggage drop-off fast and easy for every passenger. Drop&Fly® is the outcome of detailed airport and consumer research. Our understanding of the passenger process has led to a Self Bag Drop system to be proud of. The compact, inviting and secure design results in an intuitive and seamless passenger experience. By lowering operational cost, being fully modular and being designed as a line up it seamlessly fits every airport in the world.

Gran System - Single Phase Electricity Meter

Just like phones, devices all over the world get smarter. In Belarus most houses still have old (mechanical) electricity meters. In the coming years, they will be replaced by new smart meters. Gran Systems amiable smart meter is designed specifically for this market. It is ready to go into the Smart Grid, has a vast variety of interface modules, is easy to mount, replaceable without additional costs, has a high accuracy class and features like multi tariff, latching relays etc. It gives much faster feedback to the client and the electricity companies. This can result in lower electricity bills and better use of power by the companies.

Read more about the awards and the ceremony on the iF website.

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