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February 11, 2019

VanBerlo triumphs at the iF Design Award 2019


Eindhoven, 12 February 2019 - This year, 67 design experts from all over the world reviewed 6,375 entries from more than 50 countries in 7 disciplines (product, communication and packaging design, service design/UX, architecture and interior design as well as professional concept). Design agency VanBerlo won awards for the LCR.iQ (Liquid Controls), Level 2 Charging Station (EVBox), Arena (JUCE).

Liquid Controls LCR.iQ

When transferring highly valuable liquids from trucks, everything should go right. In collaboration with Liquid Controls, VanBerlo has given the LCR.iQ register such a makeover that monitoring and controlling the transfer is made easy even for unlearned personnel. The LCR.iQ is safe and intuitive, the buttons are easy to handle even with gloves on, the step-by-step process shows up on the screen and is simple to follow. The future proof electronic meter is the most powerful, scalable electronic register to date.

Daniel Clevenger, Product Manager and UX lead: “Winning an iF design award is significant for an industrial manufacturing company and breaks the ice for further investment in design".

EVBox Level 2 Charging Station

After the huge success of the at-home electric car charger Elvi, EVBox decided to further expand their portfolio together with VanBerlo. After extensive research, VanBerlo designed the ideal station for commercial use and public areas in the USA. While keeping its modern yet simple signature design, it blends easily into the environment by allowing for customization. A sophisticated lighting effect makes it easy to find the charger. Two vehicles can be charged simultaneously. The integrated cable management system hosts 5,5-meter-long cables without risking tangling or damaging them. The intuitive display lets you (most users are returning users) quickly charge and pay with every smart device. At the same time, it adapts to first time users with instructions and uses cues when needed. Technology changes fast to accommodate ever more advanced cars. So, the modular design of the station allows easy installation and quick exchange of (adjusted) parts. Durable, low maintenance and very efficient - rapidly moving towards a cleaner electric future.

JUCE Arena

JUCE Arena, developed together with VanBerlo, brings back focused & engaged meetings in the digital era. All phones go in the Arena - and switch to DoNotDisturb mode. Phones get charged while humans focus on the topic and on each other. The Arena keeps track of time and communicates over an app. It registers meeting room data on utilization and workflow, syncs the calendar to remind your next meeting and activates the answering mode for incoming calls. Everyone leaves on time, phones ready to work. Effective meetings, a statement of meeting culture and clever data collection.

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