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March 27, 2019

Digital Wellbeing in the workplace: Start up JUCE launches the Arena.


In an attempt to tackle the 'Digital Paradox', a dilemma between productivity and distraction that comes from our smartphone, start-up JUCE aims to mute the clutter and noise. With the help of Dutch Design agency VanBerlo their plans were translated to a business case combining the societal purpose of JUCE with advanced tech and design, resulting in the Arena. This smart docking station is used in meeting rooms to improve productivity and focus in the age of mobile where distraction is just around the corner. Here’s what you should know about JUCE’s first product:

Tech specs

  • Wireless charging for up to 6 phones per Arena
  • Activating DoNotDisturb mode and custom auto-reply by docking (for Android)
  • Calendar sync to remind you of your next appointment
  • Timekeeping with a digital clock and timer feature

  • IoT sensor to map room utilisation rates and workflow

A lot is happening for JUCE at the moment. Only within months after the prototypes were finished, the product has won two prestigious design awards, both the iF design award and the Red Dot award for Product. This week they launched their new website to spread their story and vision, featuring more details on the company vision, the Arena and the GoJUCE app.

To make an idea come into reality JUCE was referred to Dutch design agency VanBerlo to support them in strategy and design. VanBerlo quickly adjusted to the needs of JUCE. After the first pitch in September 2017, the project took flight and came to a product launch within a year's time. Co-founder Matthias Vanhoutteghem: "VanBerlo understood how our position involved a higher risk and a tighter budget. In order for us to keep control of the progress they offered development sprints that lasted three weeks each". It was Product Lead Michiel Verhaar who played a central role to connect the project to the right experts within a multi disciplinary agency VanBerlo for Strategy, Product Design and UX design for the GoJUCE app. All the while, Verhaar stayed in the loop as a true sparring partner, dedicated to JUCE.

As was revealed by a strategy session in one of the first meetings with VanBerlo, JUCE's market entry fitted best to the business case of the meeting room. The goal of the product is to battle the societal issue of what JUCE calls the Mobile Paradox, particularly prevalent in the work place. The Mobile Paradox presents the smartphone as an essential tool for productivity and connectivity in modern life, while also being a 'silent performance killer' consuming our valuable time and fragmenting our attention.

Phones charge, ideas happen.

The design of the Arena serves as a statement of focus and meeting culture, facilitating productivity and stimulating digital wellbeing. The Arena combines charging with facility management data, gathering insights on utilization rates and workflow. Effective meetings, culture on point and insights through clever data.

Currently the first line of products will be delivered at the early adopters. Several organisations including KPMG and (x) will start to use the Arena as of today. All the while a patent is filed to ensure the market position of the Arena with respect to its competition. To accompany the full service of the Arena, the GoJuce app was launched today. The app tracks meeting room data and provides insights in productivity. Are you interested to use the Arena at your workplace? Visit and explore the world of JUCE.

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