VanBerlo supports you with the discovery, development and deployment of innovative value propositions. To help improve your performance and build a more sustainable future.

At VanBerlo we team up with you to:
- challenge your existing business offering;
- translate new ideas and opportunities into commercial value;
- help you tell your story; and
- build in-company adaptiveness for change.

It’s our goal to help innovate your business. To take your company to the next level by continuously looking for new business opportunities. To build creative equity and gain the power to adapt. Adjust your strategy, product and services so that they harmonise with the ever changing (external) environment. To ‘test the waters’ and uncover new possibilities. We stand firmly by our mission: to help companies find and define their success, through combining expertise with imagination. VanBerlo holds to this mission by keeping you on course throughout your journey to a more innovative value proposition.

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Know-how that works for you

Innovation consulting

Declining margins. Stale portfolios. Every company needs to create new value continuously to remain relevant in its market. Do you struggle to make innovation structural in your organisation? We’re here to help. By providing guidance and coaching your people and your teams to master proven design thinking methods and tools.

Business model innovation

If you create value for your customers but fail to generate enough revenue from it, your business model might be at fault. Using proven business modelling tools, we analyse your current model and develop new models that ensure you also capture value.

Scenario planning

What does 2025 hold for you? Does the ever-changing future make it difficult to take strategic decisions? Are you able to judge and anticipate on certainties and uncertainties? With you, we discuss and evaluate trends and developments, to help you envision plausible future scenarios for your company. To support you in exploring disruptive strategies, evaluating your current strategy and adjusting strategies in the light of key trends and drivers. We make sure the future stays firmly in your hands.

Proposition development

Great! You’ve discovered meaningful and surprising insights from your customers. But how do you go about translating those insights into new offerings? We can help you design new value propositions to turn unmet needs into products and services.

Brand strategy

In order to generate revenue from your activities, it’s crucial that your customers are aware of the value that you offer. Our brand strategy process clarifies your positioning and your brand story. Helps you roll out plans to create a consistent brand communication across all touchpoints.


Who are you in relation to your environment, competitors or substitutes? Veering away from choosing a unique positioning is not an option. We help brands figure out who they are, or who they want to be, and help them use this as a basis for their brand strategy.

Value creation

Value creation means innovation. You need to create value for your customers and make sure they perceive this value, and the process needs to generate more revenue than it costs. At VanBerlo we use dedicated methods and tools to help you analyse where your business should improve, and then develop solid plans for execution.

Strategy workshops

Most businesses have a high level strategy but struggle to execute it. This is where we step in. With our proven workshop tools we clarify and determine goals, means and constraints. Together with you. So you end up with an actionable strategy.

Product portfolio roadmapping

Over time, many brands can end up with complex, hard to manage portfolios. Our portfolio workshops help to clarify and visualise the current situation. And we offer our advice to help you make decisions. So you end up with a portfolio that is consistent and ready for the future.

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Innovation workshops, innovation training, business modelling, reframing.

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