We feel that design is equal to understanding human needs and behaviour. Improving the world starts with an empathetic yet critical mindset. VanBerlo strategists and designers are forever rethinking what exists and questioning the available solutions.

In a world of instant gratification and brand-influenced decision making, we step back and take a good look at the details. Immerse ourselves in your world. To understand the intrinsic motivations of your (potential) audience; determine what really drives people’s behaviour and brings them life enriching experiences. We recreate the intimate, emotional relationship that your users have or could have with your product, brand or service by going to the core; analysing the whole ecosystem and gathering valuable insights.

Our designers take part in each interview, complete each research team. This lets us sketch out possible solutions as we go. Then create a seamless translation from insights into well thought out designs. Because realising a successful long term solution stems from understanding clearly how everything connects, how all your stakeholders are involved. To build not only a reliable foundation for your existing design developments, but for new ones as well.

There’s not only magic in the end phase, you’ll find it in every step. Come with us infield with your eyes wide open!

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Know-how that works for you

Immersive user research

At VanBerlo we completely immerse ourselves in the experience, in the whole ecosystem infield, before we even think about exploring design options. We dive deep into the user’s perspective, to discover cultural differences and behaviours with a high level of empathy, to uncover meaningful opportunities for our clients.

Customer insights

At VanBerlo we translate customer insights into tangible solutions for our clients. So, how do we build a reliable foundation for our design? By discovering meaningful insights, gathered infield. Understanding the user perspective and going to the very core of what matters. This strengthens the selling story and makes design explainable.

Trend research

Helping our clients identify opportunities and defining what’s next – together. We determine the trends by keeping a sharp eye out for recent developments in the market and constantly monitor them. This helps us to identify trend directions, and give targeted advice for design innovations.

User experience design

Having a holistic perspective about how the user experiences a product helps us to generate innovative solutions. Over the years design has stepped out of its merely functional state and entered into a world where we buy out of love for a product. We create designs that not only satisfy the user but also generate long term loyalty.

User testing

We start testing prototypes at an early stage. We make it our goal to ensure that the solution fits the need. By testing prototypes we can translate the insights we uncover directly into tangible solutions. Evaluate our ideas with the user. Ultimately, it’s their feedback that helps us revise and strengthen the concepts. Push the design, the solution, to the max.

Customer journeys

We explore the whole use cycle from start to finish, gathering insights into all consumer touch points. Getting a deep understanding of the gains and pains that characterise the interaction with the current solution. We’re rewarded with a deep understanding on a physical, digital and human level. Then we take what we’ve learned and use it to create innovative solutions for our clients.

More expertises

Market analysis, technology trends, product evaluation, user-centered design, insights research.

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