Kick-starting a solution that creates the difference. Improving the lives of people through the use of creativity, original perspectives and clever engineering. Bridging the gap between great visions and feasible solutions, that’s what we do at VanBerlo.

Your complex challenges make us come alive. We’re a close-knit team of solution oriented specialists, and work from a diverse knowledge base. That means that your product or service is in good hands. We don’t sit quietly in the corner, we dare to show you our vision. To be decisive, work hard and effect change.

Taking an innovative stance doesn’t mean latching on to the first ‘good’ idea that comes to mind. We prototype, test and evaluate. Until we’ve found the right solution to take all the way to realisation. That’s how we come up with not just decent ideas – but fabulous ideas that lead to excellent solutions. Solutions that will ‘knock their socks off’!

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Know-how that works for you

Product design

Is your proposition missing an attractive execution in its look, feel and use? At VanBerlo we evaluate all the relevant information on use, function, available technology and manufacturability. Then we create and evaluate numerous sketches, visualisations and models until we get it just right. The result is a well-defined and aesthetic design.

System engineering

Let’s say you have a proposition that needs a complex architecture and approach; multi touch point and/or multi technology. VanBerlo can research, optimise and detail your proposition on a holistic, integral level, taking elements like mechanical, electrical and software into account into the architecture. We can do this because we constantly safeguard our knowledge of technological trends. We tackle the issue by remaining collaborative, and through competencies like technical roadmapping, prototyping, systematic approach and multidisciplinary testing. That leaves you with a harmonised optimal architecture, solution or system.

Interaction design

A solid UX happens when the workflow and user expectations match the proposition or design execution. VanBerlo experts understand this and focus holistically on the (digital and physical) touchpoints that impact user experience the most. User testing helps us validate usability early on, prevents unpleasant surprises later. We also utilize, for example, gathered insights, workflow mapping, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, motion design and visual design. Continuous client collaboration keeps our vision on track. This leads to an intuitive, unified interaction design grounded in user insights and sound business sense. A design that fits the workflow, meets expectations and reinforces both brand image and business value. From apps to wearable connected products to websites – and beyond.

Social design

Societal problems are often tackled in a conventional, repressive way. Socio-economic problems are complex, constantly changing and highly connected; therefore, they require a different approach. Because we utilise Design Thinking at VanBerlo we can devise a global approach that explores both the problem and the future solution simultaneously, allowing us to form different perspectives. This 'Frame Creation’ method works because it addresses underlying problems instead of jumping to solutions. A method by Prof. Kees Dorst that touches on the underlying needs (themes) of the people concerned, so that we can come together to discuss the problems. Following these steps, we can develop and implement new solutions based on the motives of all the relevant stakeholders.

Communication design

The formulation of your proposition and strategy is complete. But now it needs to be communicated to the outside world. In a tangible way. VanBerlo can create communication tools that are recognisable and radiate your brand values. Concept design, copywriting, photography, lay-out & DTP. We make use of Communication DNA, describe the look and feel of your brand in different elements like colour, typography, graphics and photography. This inspires the designer to create communication tools. Tools that lead to a balanced, seamless, all round brand experience that is recognisable across all customer touch points. Customers know it when they see it.

Online design

How users experience your brand online and offline is important to your success. VanBerlo experts embrace the online world, the newest design methods. This helps us create a seamless user experience across all touchpoints; these ‘moments of truth’ come when your customer interacts with your brand. We understand that a solid online experience and design are part of your business’s entire ecosystem. That’s why we envision the desired customer journey based on user insights. We create low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes to validate design decisions. By integrating communication, product and online design – online and offline channels that strengthen each other, provide a powerful message – we produce an enjoyable and memorable user experience.

Product development

Not all products or concepts are well defined enough to be produced, rolled out and brought to market. At VanBerlo we research, optimise and detail the design on aspects like manufacturability, costs, logistics and available technology. While solving (partial) problems technologically, we help guard the design intent and build quality during the process. We use through visualisations and prototyping in our collaboration and discussions with the client, manufacturers, suppliers. Detail and optimise these in CAD and build models in 2D and 3D, so that we can evaluate the outcome and reiterate if necessary. Resulting in a design that is fit for production, testing and, subsequently, roll out. One that is ready for market introduction and transfer to the manufacturer/client.

Communication strategy

Your brand is defined, but what do you want to tell about it and to whom… and when? How are you going to (re)introduce your brand/brand promise? VanBerlo can help! We look at your target group, analyse their pains and gains. From there we create a story that describes your brand’s promise, and we develop a touch-point analysis. We shape our findings into a selling story that explains your brand promise to your target group, creating a communication concept that shows the proposition in one image and slogan. Touch-point analysis, planning and all. The result is a clear communication strategy, and a (re)introduction of your brand promise.

Technology integration

You have come face to face with a proof of principle of a solution for a functional issue, problem or opportunity that has not been translated into a viable proposition. VanBerlo can help. We research, optimise and detail the proof of principle on manufacturability, costs, logistics, available technology, etc. We ensure the quality during the process. We can detail and optimise in CAD by using research, reframing, brainstorming, collaboration, prototyping and discussions with the client, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. Then we evaluate our models in 2D and 3D, repeating the process as needed. With all the technology properly integrated, you end up with a proposition that fits. One that solves the issue, with potential new IP (on materials, manufacturing, application, etc.)

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