Dorel Juvenile - Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl

Improved safety for the smallest passengers

Dorel Juvenile and VanBerlo co-designed an all new Maxi-Cosi®. The 2wayPearl toddler car seat that can withstand even higher forces in lateral and frontal collisions than its predecessors. This is the first car seat which meets the new European i-Size car seat legislation.

Fresh ideas on child car safety

VanBerlo has created complex, high standard product designs for Dorel Juvenile for years. The Maxi–Cosi® 2wayPearl, part of the Family car seat line, is a brilliant example: a versatile forward/rearward facing car seat. Top of line in design and child safety.

"For many years now the Dorel development team has collaborated with VanBerlo to help us bring our ideas into reality. The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl® is an excellent example. This car seat combines ease of use, child car safety, cost efficiency, branding and parental trends. Precision was key for this product, and together with VanBerlo, we have yet again managed to meet our expectations and those of our customers"

Mark Schrooten

Innovation Director

"When Dorel Juvenile explained their wishes for an even safer new Maxi–Cosi® car seat, we couldn’t wait to challenge existing architectures and stretch the limits of the initial brief. The result is a reversible user-friendly toddler car seat with an interactive feedback system, very reliable construction and outstanding safety features"

Frank van der Blom

Senior Engineer

The new European i-Size car seat legislation challenges child car seat design and engineering. A challenge Frank and Hugo were only too happy to take on!

It all comes together in one product

Ease of use, suppliers, branding, parental trends, automotive, test environment, manufacturability. All these factors came together in this car seat. Making the Maxi-Cosi® 2wayPearl the car seat, the new standard.

Car seat installation was never so easy

Easy rearward and forward facing installation, with interactive light and sound feedback to minimise the chance of incorrect car seat installation or misuse. The 2wayPearl is designed with various reclining options, even a ‘nap time’ setting that cradles little ones off to dreamland.

Performs the best, sells the most

Maxi-Cosi toddler car seats, Dorel’s best-selling product, are developed with today’s most advanced safety features, like electronic feedback systems, and tested to the highest standards. Each year independent European consortia test numerous car seats on safety and usability. The 2wayPearl was declared Best Toddler Car Seat in 2014, and it remains the best performing rearward/forward facing seat today.

Keeping little ones safe

The 2wayPearl provides improved protection against higher forces on head and neck in lateral and frontal collisions. The 2wayPearl car seat is developed in close collaboration with Code Product Solutions. Their numerical simulations where implemented in our design.

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