Wings for Aid - Cargo UAV

A design created to help those in need

Wings for Aid and VanBerlo joined forces with NGOs to develop safe, reliable and cost effective unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that can reach people in need of aid supplies. The Wings for Aid drones will be able to carry significant cargo loads to places that would otherwise be too dangerous or impossible to reach.

A complete team. Eager to innovate.

VanBerlo has been part of the innovation process from the very start. Therefore, customer focused service designs and future industrialisation of the system are at the heart of this programme. In bridging the gap between user input and technology, VanBerlo helps to establish a solid concept. Our dedicated design team are keen to explore different approaches to humanitarian work. By exploring the different methods and models, we want to create the difference and save lives.

"I have been working with VanBerlo for some years now. They bring their understanding of man/ machine interplay, safety and industrialisation to the team, which is all-crucial. The VanBerlo crew knows how to play and get things off the ground."

Barry Koperberg

General Manager, Wings For Aid

"We are picking up the challenge to change the industry. The technology is for a large part available at our partners. We have to add Design Thinking to come with affordable and practical solutions. The concept has been refined. Now, it’s a perfect combination of today’s technology and today’s needs. It’s great to work together on a strategy to get the dream alive."

Eric van Dorst

CTO, VanBerlo

Our mission is simple: to create the difference. This concept will provide international NGOs with an additional means of transport during disaster relief operations. Wings for Aid aim to go far and wide to places that were once thought to be unreachable.
Together with AvioniCS, we evaluated the aviation and space limitations of the Wings for Aid concept.
Our research doesn’t stop at disaster relief. In developing these drones, we aim to research other deployments of the service, such as medicine distribution in Africa.

Where it all comes together

The Wings for Aid concept is a combination of technological, humanitarian and business innovation.

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