RB - Air Wick Life Scents room spray

Designed for premium experience

Developed from in-depth consumer findings, VanBerlo has created Air Wick Life Scents; an innovative aerosol dispenser that combines both looks and convenience. With its elegant yet comfortable grip, the Air Wick Life Scents range provides consumers with enhanced control and superior in-use experience.

Ergonomic design for premium experience

The ergonomic design coupled with RB’s brand values, enabled VanBerlo to create an aerosol dispenser that merges looks and convenience. In co-creation with consumers, VanBerlo has created an air-freshener with a firm but comfortable grip that enhances control, giving consumers a superior in-use experience.

"The packaging design adds more than the functional benefit. It embodies brand identity and communicates its innovation through outstanding visual design. Its intuitive use is made visual, whilst also achieving striking impact on the shelf"

Richard Gamble

Global Design Director – Home & Hygiene

"Together with RB, we set out to create an ergonomic aerosol through a strong industrial design process. The result is exactly that!"

Teun van Wetten

Design Director

Evaluating the dispenser’s grip, nozzle and activation allowed us to recognise the best way to produce a dispenser with superior ergonomics.
After some design iterations, we created functional models with an adjustable spring tension that allowed us to test multiple activation forces.

Effortlessly scenting your life to perfection

Air Wick Life Scents embodies a user-friendly and approachable design. Aimed at meeting the market’s needs and demands, the ergonomically designed room spray allows users to release the scents with a long, comfortable lever. Not only this, but the scent is released upwards, diffusing the scent throughout your home.

User tested at every stage

Taking into account aspects such as, activation, grip and the nozzle, we created a range of dispenser models. These models were used to gain valuable feedback from consumers, exploring the ergonomics, semiotics and the usability of the product. Based on the feedback, we were able to develop clear starting points for creating an aerosol pack with superior user experience.

Shelf stand-out

Whether it is on the top, middle or bottom shelf, the contoured can, coloured cap and extended handle catch the eye! The wrapping around graphic and coloured range navigation aids the consumer in identifying their favourite scent.

Premium in-use experience

The aerosol is made for accurate targeting and dosing. It can be used comfortably with one hand, effortlessly scenting your life to perfection.

Air Wick struck gold!

The Air Wick life scents design was crowned with an iF gold award. An award signifying the best out of 5,295 entries from 53 countries.

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