RB - Dettol Squeezy

Liquid soap for developing markets

Good hygiene should be affordable for everyone. This new Dettol packaging makes the more hygienic and superior liquid soap hand washing experience affordable to people in developing markets.

Power up on good hand-washing habits

One of the key barriers for consumers to make the move from bar soap to liquid soap is the higher price point of this category. By creating a design that significantly reduces manufacturing cost, we enabled our partner RB to provide millions of consumers with affordable liquid soap.

"VanBerlo keeps on bringing new and refreshing ideas to the table. They truly understand our organization and they feel as an extension of my team. In our industry things change fast and we really appreciate their ability to respond quickly. They grasp onto things and do not let go. Keep up the good work!"

Chris Padain

Global director R&D packaging, RB

"Working across multiple disciplines, various countries and different cultures creates a dynamic and inspirational workspace that isn’t just great fun, but also creates great results. We’re looking forward to continuing our open collaboration with RB"

Teun van Wetten

Design Director

40% cost reduction

By eliminating the mechanical pump and replacing it with a disc top mechanism, we achieved an amazing 40% cost reduction.

Get your squeeze on!

Dettol body range design

VanBerlo and RB developed the complete Dettol body range. Dettol Squeezy creates a new category within this range through the introduction of the new disk top dispensing mechanism. This mechanism isn’t only consumer friendly, it also renders a premium perception and sets Dettol Squeezy apart from body wash.

The technology of clean

Dettol Squeezy is world’s first disc top with a protruding spout. Features like the headstand, create a packaging that can stand firmly both upside down and right side up. This way, we support cost effectiveness till the very last drop.

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