JDE - Promesso coffee machine

Next level coffee experience

The Promesso coffee machine offers taste, experience and design. Tailored to the requirements of the ever-changing modern office environment, this new coffee machine is easy to handle and maintain. The Promesso coffee machine encompasses a unique combination of premium coffee, ultimate personalisation and variation. A machine that is pleasing to the eye and blends perfectly into the finest office interiors.

Intuitive from start to finish

JDE wanted the ideal coffee machine for small and medium businesses, one that offered ease of use and reflected a certain style. VanBerlo answered that challenging need by designing an intuitive coffee machine, with eye-catching contours and user-friendly operation. The Promesso coffee machine increases and builds on the coffee experience.

"As the leader in full-service coffee solutions, JDE continues to innovate. We have found a perfect partner in design agency VanBerlo, with whom we have been working for more than 15 years. The design agency complements our knowledge perfectly, and always knows how to translate our briefings into the best design. That was done extremely well with the Promesso coffee machine: design and functionality are optimised down to the smallest detail. It’s not only a user-friendly product, thanks to the seamless collaboration of the JDE and VanBerlo team, this coffee machine compliments even the most stylish office interiors."

Harrie Wessels

Global Design & Innovation Manager JDE Professional

"In the past 15 years we have witnessed tremendous changes in the market. JDE is the only roaster that continues to develop its own technology and equipment, in line with the brand. Given the fierce competition, the Red Dot: Best of the Best award gives solid recognition of the machine’s high quality. A well-deserved acknowledgement of our long-term cooperation."

Sjoerd Hoyinck

Design & Development Director VanBerlo

Living up to its name

There is a clear trend for premiumisation in the coffee market. Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) and VanBerlo have set our sights on delivering maximised personalisation, unparalleled ease of use and great design for Promesso. Today’s consumers demand better quality coffee, tailored to their personal preferences. Stylish design proportions and materialisation of Promesso, combined with the unique user experience that allows for the fine tuning of personalised coffee favourites, adds up to a truly premium proposition.

Uncompromised coffee personalisation

The Promesso coffee machine for the business market brings together a multitude of complex techniques into one modern, compact design. It’s down to this special design and an intuitive touchscreen that the Promesso is extremely straightforward to operate. Users can create their favourite coffee with ease. The rich, assorted pallet can be adjusted to desired taste variations. The Promesso coffee machine can save favourite variations and remember the preferences of multiple users.

Intuitive user interface

Research into consumer insights on coffee preferences indicated the demand for better coffee quality, variety and personalisation. Promesso answers to a large variety of options. Personalise your coffee, latte or espresso by adjusting strength, volume and even coffee to milk ratio. Your favourite beverage can be saved onto your personal profile; your very own coffee moment of the day!

Fitting in, yet standing out

Modern offices are often well decorated, with high demands placed on interior design. To design a coffee machine that fits in, in these well-decorated offices, is quite a challenge. The Promesso coffee machine combines traditional elements with award-winning design, contributing to a great experience. Promesso screams coffee, but manages to blend in and enrich contemporary office interiors.

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