Innovations that help save lives

VanBerlo assisted RESQTEC in developing a completely new series of rescue tools for fire crews. Moving from hydraulics to high performance electric drives, these new products offer more control and freedom of movement than ever before. It is these tools that are fundamental in circumstances where lives are at stake.

The cutting edge of rescue

RESQTEC, based in Lisse, the Netherlands, is one of the leading suppliers of extrication equipment with a worldwide client base. Since 2006, VanBerlo has assisted RESQTEC in converting its innovative technology into highly practical and iconic products.

"VanBerlo don’t just create an attractive design, but they also provide fantastic insights and advice. They were just a phone call away. Our technology coupled with their design really illustrates our strong partnership"

Jan Pieter Maarschalk


"RESQTEC is such an inspiring client. Ten years of partnership means that we speak each other's language, both in technology and in design. It is this synergy that creates successful products and makes them ready for the market in a short time"

Robert Fienieg

Senior Designer, VanBerlo

Electronic Direct Drive

The most recent example of our co-operation is the development of the Electronic Direct Drive series. This was the first line of rescue tools in which traditional hydraulics were replaced with a battery-driven electric drivetrain without compromising in power output. It represents a leap forward in technology for this class of tools, bringing major advantages in terms of user control and serviceability.

New technology, new possibilities

The EDD technology platform presented exciting new possibilities. A cordless tool is most useful when it is short and lightweight; therefore we looked for new arrangements of components. The P4 tool has the motor and the battery placed vertically, reducing the length dramatically and still giving plenty of freedom for the operator's hands. A large knob in the front allows the blade to rotate so that an operator can work 'around the corner', which is key when space is tight.

'Those green tools'

RESQTEC made a name for itself with its consistent colour combination and high quality detailing that VanBerlo developed. We decided that the battery would be the visual ‘hero’ of this new product range. All green, with large, illuminated controls, it not only showcases the brand; its high visibility is very important when working in situations with poor visibility.

Awards galore!

VanBerlo was awarded with one of 75 iF gold awards for their work on the RESQTEC P4, which the jury choose out of 5,295 entries from 53 countries. We have also received an honourable mention by Core77, a leading Industrial Design platform, for the RESQTEC P4 tool design. The jury commentary? "Very high quality. Beautiful details"

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